Glory, Glory, Hallelujah..

Warning of potentially upsetting content. Please know that this is a very personal post and testimony of God’s grace and healing power which talks about a parent being close to death, so please bear this in mind as this post could bring back or stir painful memories.

It was four weeks ago in the early hours of the morning when the phone rang. You know a phone call at 3.30 a.m is important, but I wasn’t fully awake or functioning to immediately understand what was happening.

It was my brother calling, our Mum had taken a turn for the worse in hospital and was dying. The Doctors needed us at the hospital quick. This was shocking news as Mum had only gone into hospital for a routine treatment. When my brother left her at 9 that previous evening she was conscious and all was well.

At the hospital the Doctor explained that Mum’s body was shutting down and she was hardly breathing. Her breathing had slowed and become very shallow. It was puzzling because her vitals were ok. Consensus was that Mum must have had a bleed or clot in her brain which was the reason for the shutdown. However, a CT brain scan to confirm the diagnosis wasn’t viable because of her deteriorating condition.

We gathered around her bed and held her hands. She was non-responsive and could barely open her eyes. It was heartbreaking to see her like this. She stirred once and whispered “home”. As we talked to her and prayed, the presence of the Lord became so strong in that A & E cubicle. It was incredibly peaceful. There was no pain or fear. Mum was ready to go home. If only I could have bottled that atmosphere to share with unbelievers. God’s presence was so tangible.

The Lord spoke to my heart in His still small voice to anoint Mum’s head with oil. I wasn’t immediately obedient – but the Lord prompted me again. I shared this with my brother and husband and then anointed Mum’s head and prayed. The power and presence of the Holy Spirit which came immediately was even more tangible than at first. It felt like my hand was on fire and I knew the Lord was at work by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The words of an old song came to mind and I started to sing “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah” but with a slight change of words so that the last line became “and the Saints go marching on”. That was so true..whether in this life or the next Mum would be marching on for Jesus. I wasn’t aware until later that this song was an old “battle” song.

Something happened next which puzzled me greatly. The nurses came to take Mum to a quieter room so that her final moments wouldn’t be disturbed. Up until that time we were on the major trauma unit in a cubicle with more medical equipment than I’d ever seen. We were surprised they were moving Mum, given the circumstances, but at that moment, I clearly heard the Lord’s voice again in my spirit say “Watch and see what happens now”.

We were asked to wait outside the room whilst they settled Mum. By this time it was about 5.30 in the morning. When they returned, the Nurse explained that Mum needed to be changed, but was so close to passing they didn’t want to do it as we could miss her passing. There was also a risk that moving her to clean and change her would cause her to pass. They thought it was only moments away now.

It’s strange but in that moment I just knew with certainty and peace that Mum needed to be changed. She needed to be clean and comfortable with her dignity as she departed this life. You could tell the Nurses thought it was a strange request and stressed again that she would probably pass in that moment. Nevertheless knowing Mum, I knew this would be her request. They went ahead and changed her which was incredibly kind and compassionate given the difficult circumstances.

We were ushered back into the room. The Doctor came and asked if we wanted more family to come but we were all present. Mum looked so peaceful. We just held her hand and waited. The minutes passed so quickly. At just before 7, Mum opened her eyes, looked up and spoke a word that we didn’t catch and then her eyes started moving back and forward really quickly as though she was watching something above her head. She did this for several moments as we watched. Her eyes darted this way and that. I sincerely believe she saw angels around her bed. She could certainly see something that we could not. I thought this is the moment she’s passing into glory. Mum closed her eyes again but her breathing changed, it became more regular and deeper. You could see her chest start to rise and fall.

At 10.30 in the morning the Doctor came back and said something remarkable. He sat on the bed and said “Doctors don’t know everything. There is more at work here than science and physics”. He was so right. God was at work. God had healed Mum. It wasn’t her time yet. I didn’t understand it but I know it was God at work.

The Doctor suggested that perhaps they should start to introduce some treatment again to see how Mum would respond. We agreed. That was 4 weeks ago and on Thursday Mum came home from hospital to her own bed. A brain scan taken (twice) several days apart in hospital, once she was strong enough, showed no clots or bleeds in her brain. Praise God. I believe God healed her by His power in Jesus’ mighty name.

Mum is still very ill but she is at home, in her own bed, surrounded by her family and her familiar things. She kept asking for her bible in the hospital. She can listen to her worship tapes, watch TV. Her family and friends can visit. She is surrounded by love.

I prayed on that night we returned from hospital and asked the Lord why He chose not to take Mum to be with Him. I heard from the Lord these words “ a period of grace”. I have come during these weeks to understand more fully what that means, but that is for sharing at a later time as it’s not just my testimony to share.

God is a good, good God. He is faithful in all His ways. He never leaves us or forsakes us even in the valley of the shadow of death. We do not see or understand fully but God does. His ways are perfect. Amen.

18 responses to “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah..”

  1. Wow! What a testimony. Thank you for sharing Nicola. I pray that you and your family will feel the Lord’s presence in a powerful way through this period of grace that he has given.

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  2. A beautiful story of faith and how the Lord works in ways we don’t understand. Praising God with you as you celebrate having your mother around to love and hug in person. Praying for continued healing and a return to good health. Thanks for sharing this deeply personal story.

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