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  • Shout for Joy

    Shout for Joy

    This is my shout for Joy this Marvellous Monday. God is good, worthy of all praise and glory. He has taken me who was destined for death and judgement because of my sin and has redeemed, restored and given me the greatest treasure…Jesus and eternal life. He has totally transformed me by His awesome power. […]

  • Influence


    Influence…this was a word that the Lord spoke to my heart recently and I have been pondering it. It’s very important that I recognise what it is that is influencing me. Ideas or emotions that are shaping my thinking or actions. The Lord wants me to be aware of what is influencing me. Subtle influences […]

  • #TestimonyTuesday – God’s Provision

    When I was growing up I was fortunate that my Dad taught me about how to manage my finances and honouring God with my finances. He taught me about being generous and supportive of God’s work, helping those in need and giving on biblical principles. When I received my first pay packet Dad helped me […]

  • #TestimonyTuesday-Praising God

    Today it is 12 months since my dear friend and sister in the Lord, Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a shocking and terrible day that was for us all but especially for her and her family. The prognosis from the hospital was not good. The cancer had also been found in her lymph […]

  • #Testimony Tuesday ..throwing shoes

    “Moab is My washpot; Over Edom I will cast My shoe; Philistia, shout in triumph because of Me.”Psalm 60:8 I read this Psalm today and it reminded me of a time many years ago when the Holy Spirit prompted me to cast (throw) my shoes over a large wire fence onto some waste ground. I’m […]

  • Testimony Tuesday – Grandad’s story

    My Granddad, David was a Christian and man of faith. I never met him as unfortunately, he died before I was born but I still have his little anointing bottle which has been passed on to me and which I still use today. It came from the Smith Wigglesworth ministries. David had a stroke in […]

  • In At The Deep End – #TestimonyTuesday

    A wonderful testimony from Andy today. It will encourage you to step out in faith and exercise the gift of God within you. Have a blessed day. I knew that I had a teaching gift long before I knew anything (really) about the Bible. I accidentally volunteered to lead a Bible study group once, … […]

  • #Testimony Tuesday- Bill’s story – Lessons from my Father

    #Testimony Tuesday- Bill’s story – Lessons from my Father

    It’s my #TestimonyTuesday post and I wanted to share part of my dad’s story. His full name was William Easton Third but everyone called him Bill. Dad was a true inspiration to me. He was born into a poor but happy home in Edinburgh. He lived in a tenement building in Leith which I understand […]

  • Tell of His Wonderful Works #TestimonyTuesday

    “We will not hide them from their children, Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.”Psalm 78:4 Todays testimony is slightly different. It’s of a time when the Lord taught me that I could trust in Him because He knows everything. […]

  • #Testimony Tuesday- shout out to Sunday School Teachers and Youth Workers

    I hope today’s testimony will encourage all the Sunday School and Youth Workers out there who have faithfully served your churches and communities over the years. I recently sent an email to Alan Kearns from Devotional Treasures because he mentioned in a post that he attended Glenrothes Baptist Church in Fife. Now I live hundreds […]