Morning friends, so this weekend we are having some time away for the first time since Mum became ill. You may recall me posting about what happened in Glory, Glory, Hallelujah..and since then Mum has done incredibly well and has amazed us all. God is certainly not done with her and us yet that is for sure.

It has been a blessing to spend this time with her. It certainly has been a period of grace. Some days are incredibly difficult, but there are rays of sunshine in the dark days and we have the hope of Christ. We find joy in simple things together now. Reading, listening to music, watching her favourite TV on a little set in her bedroom, reminiscing over the photo albums. She has even managed to show me how to knit. It’s a bit rough but I’ll treasure what I’m calling a scarf.

The pleasure of just being together in the times of silence and being able to see, hold hands and show care and love is priceless. I have been forced to be still in these times and it’s so unnatural for me. I’ve learnt to slow down and take time. I don’t think I have ever spent so much time with my Mum since I was a child. It’s been a gift.

But this weekend, I’m on Mum duty and taking my daughter back to her University. My time with my Mum has rubbed off and I want to enjoy and spend some time with my youngest this weekend. We haven’t been able to visit her whilst she has been away at University because of current circumstances and so this is the chance for her to show us the city she has been living in, meet her friends and see the sights.

This Time-Out period has been good for me. I needed it to re-evaluate what is precious in my life and not take it for granted. God is good.

Have a blessed weekend my dear friends. Take some Time-Out for yourself and loved ones if you can. Enjoy those precious times. It’s later than we think.

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  1. It is a blessing to spend time with our loved ones. A good reminder to slow down and value time and our lives ones. Have a lovely weekend with your youngest.

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  2. You are so right Nichola, the times we have with our loved ones is treasure indeed. As I read your post I was reminded of times with my mum enjoying watching her favourite gospel hymn videos in the nursing home; we just enjoyed singing together. Those are precious memories indeed.

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  3. This is so touching, Nicola…
    I have promised at the start of the new year to have more time outs with my family and long lost friends. So far, God has been so kind to me in fulfilling this goal. But, upon reading your post, I asked myself, for whom am I doing it? It seems, for me. It is I who benefit most in a time out, a day off to experience more Jesus in others and the ones we love. How amazing indeed is our Lord in loving us! Thank you.

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  4. Spending time with your mom and your youngest daughter sounds like two wonderful bookends for a weekend of treasured memories. The need to slow down, from time to time, is real. Blessings, to you and yours, Nicola.

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