Hidden Treasure

I felt prompted to share this blog post again from a while back which I hope will be a blessing to someone reading, especially if you have received a vision/ministry from God or you have recently sensed God’s call on your life but the resources for it have not yet been released. Hidden Treasures

The bible talks about words in season and this may be a word in season for someone at this time.

If this word is for you and it witnesses with you in and through the Holy Spirit then I hope it encourages you to take that first step in faith.

Hope you have, are having or will have a blessed day in Jesus.

7 responses to “Hidden Treasure”

  1. Amen and amen i receive the word..i enroll for wealth transfers.
    Isaiah 45 v3.    v 14 “Thus says the Lord – the labour of Egypt and merchandise of Cush; and of the Sabeans, men of stature, they shall come over to you and they shall be yours.”


  2. i’m seeing lots of things like this directed at me and our BerryBunch ministry in the past 7-10 days or so…I’m seeing it so much that I know God must be trying to get my attention – because when I consider what He has said to me – that I consider ‘confirmed’ – it makes me question what I’m seeing, against what God has already said.

    being really honest, i Know God made it clear that we should offer people the opportunity to financially support what we do, but that hasn’t exactly worked out as I thought it would have done, had I been right. it didn’t make me feel comfortable, but I do know enough to obey, and especially when it makes little sense to me, but is clearly of God (ie does not go against scripture, and spiritual people confirm for me what I originally though God may have said)

    but then i’m reminded that ‘His ways are not our ways’

    i have one book ready for publishing, and another nearly ready for editing. Our brand new project – Marriage Matters podcast – is starting at the end of next month, so we have much that we know God has given to us. I’m being obedient, but questioning – i really need to stop questioning, and putting that ‘energy’ into the ‘doing’ part!!

    ‘Don’t doubt in the dark what God said in the light’ comes loudly to mind too

    thanks for sharing this – I really do need to believe in myself, and to trust what God has said (we are a walking testament to His financial provision, as we are in our 5th home, in a row, that we could neither to afford to move into or pay the rent on)

    i’ll stop rambling now – thanks for sharing. apologies for my longer reply, but i can’t ignore what God has been saying, and sometimes saying it out loud is a good way of holding oneself accountable!

    Andy B

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    • Hi Andy, I join with you and pray for a divine release of finance for the expansion of the ministry that God has called your family to so that you will shine like stars for His glory. Blessings in Jesus name. May you be fruitful in every good work. Lord let there be a divine release of financial provision and let Andy’s tent be stretched wide and the cords of his influence lengthened.

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      • Thanks so much

        This is a common theme/thread/topic…God is good!

        We’re not short of anything…just wondering what it is God wants us to do, and waiting for that to fully realise itself (hope that makes sense?)

        We actually consecrated our recording studio on Sunday evening, which was a powerful moment for us – blessing our equipment and the slave we’ve dedicated for that purpose

        It’s all for God’s glory and kingdom!

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