Hidden Treasures

I preached on Joseph a number of years ago and as part of that preach the Lord gave me 3 words.  The Lord has reminded me of those words now and so they may encourage you if you are currently in this season. 

The first was that the wealth of the Egyptians and the treasures of darkness would be released to the church for God’s plans to be accomplished for His glory and to advance His kingdom.  Those who had need of resources to fulfil the vision that God had given them had to ask in faith for these resources to be released to them.  

The resources would be released but not from the traditional church giving etc. but would come from external sources – “the wealth of the Egyptians” and “treasures of darkness”.    The Lord is not being literal here in that it is funds from the country of Egypt etc. but is saying that that the funds will come from unlikely sources and from people you may have thought were in opposition to you or the vision God has given you. It will clearly be the hand of God which releases the necessary resources.

It does not matter that you may not have all of God’s purposes revealed to you any this stage. As you walk out the purposes of God and His plans then more and more will be revealed to you. It just needs that first step of faith. 

If you need resources to fulfil the vision that God has given you then ask God to give you the “wealth of the Egyptians” and the “hidden riches of the secret places” so that you can be a blessing to others. 

Isaiah 45 v3.    v 14 “Thus says the Lord – the labour of Egypt and merchandise of Cush; and of the Sabeans, men of stature, they shall come over to you and they shall be yours.”

The second part of the word was that some would suffer for the sake of the vision and calling which the Lord had put on their life but that God would never forsake them.  He would be with them in every situation and would reward them when they stand before His throne. 

If you are going through a difficult situation then hold on to God in faith and run the race until the end.    The Lord will reward your faithfulness and will never let you down.  He is with you in all the suffering and pain to uphold you.

The third part of the word was that some would leave their homes and go to foreign people and foreign places and that was part of God’s purpose and plan.  He was calling them out.  

If you feel the call of God to go out to foreign places then follow that vision with confidence that it is God who has put the desire in your heart.

Bless you in Jesus name.


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