Was the Last time you did something for the First time?

I’m going to repeat that question and please think about it for a moment.

When was the Last time you did something for the First time?

This was the question the Lord prompted in my spirit a week ago and I have been prayerfully considering it to share here.

If it’s been a while since we have desired or done something new, then what is holding us back from venturing into or doing new things, asking for new opportunities, new gifts of the Spirit, new ministries, new discoveries in God.

As I have considered this question, there could be many factors at play for each one of us.

We may have become too comfortable where we are – it’s a safe, comfortable place. It’s familiar and I understand it. It’s become sufficient and just enough to satisfy and keep me interested without challenging me too much.

We may have become lethargic, stagnant. We have no desire or appetite to try or do something new. Have we become deaf or hard hearted to the Lord’s leading by His Spirit.

We may have tried something new and we got it wrong. We failed spectacularly and it was humiliating and we are still suffering from that feeling of shame. We are not going to venture out there again.

What if the Lord by His Spirit has already been showing you that it’s time for something new. You may already have a desire to do something new but there’s something holding you back from stepping out into the unknown and giving it a try.

As I say it could be fear of failure, past disappointments, fear of making a mistake and getting it wrong. Fear of shame or ridicule. Doubt that you are hearing God correctly or discerning His leading. A small voice saying “who do you think you are, God’s not going to use you”.

Beloved, don’t listen to those voices of fear or let the spirit of fear rule your life and become a stumbling block. You belong to Christ Jesus and you are who Jesus says you are- A child of God who is set apart for good works that have already been prepared for you. You are a messenger of the gospel, you bring hope, love and the grace of God into situations.

It’s only natural that we will feel inadequate in ourselves and will have some anxiety before we do something new and take a risk. That’s good because it stops us becoming proud. We are in the vine and not on our own. It’s the Lord that we draw on. We have the Lord’s help as He leads and guides us in and through His Word and as we pray. His presence and power in us and we always have each other to help, support, train, equip, correct and encourage us.

If this question has stirred something in you, then I encourage you to pray and seek the Lord’s direction.

The Lord quickened this passage of Scripture to me from Isaiah 43:19

Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

God has fulfilled His promise. Jesus is that road that we follow. Jesus is the way. We are called to follow Him. Jesus will lead and guide us. Jesus is the river of living water in the desert places that we drink from and the water that overflows to others. Have confidence in Jesus.

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  1. What Ken said. A new venture for the Lord is cause for excitement, even if it makes us a nit anxious. The challenge is knowing where to start and when. Great starter question from God. Thanks, Nicola!

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