No bargain basement in God

This period after Christmas is a good time to hopefully find a bargain in the sales. I did a bit of on line shopping myself yesterday. This is unusual for me as I really, really don’t like shopping (it’s up there with going to the dentist) but I do like to find a bargain. I was reminded of this post…no bargain basement in God which I hope encourages someone reading today.

God has good gifts for His Saints – see Good gifts from our Father in Heaven. After I wrote that post, my friend Deb shared this picture with me.

Deb was in a very large retail store which was stocked full of loads of items on the shelves. There were rows and rows of shelves packed full of lovely items as far as the eye could see and Deb knew she could pick absolutely anything in the store as a gift from God. However, instead of choosing something from the shelves, she headed down to the bargain basement to the cheap, reduced items.

Deb suddenly asked herself what was she doing. Why when she could have anything in the store was she headed down there to the bargain basement. Why was she settling for less than the best God was offering her?

This picture speaks of self-worth and believing that we are not deserving of God’s best gifts. We settle for the crumbs from His banqueting table rather than take our seat at the table and enjoy the feast He provides for us.

Does this picture strike a chord with you? Do you struggle to accept the best that God wants for you. Do you still feel unworthy?

Some of God’s children don’t believe that they are worthy to receive good gifts and blessings from God. I believe the Lord wants you to hear this today – Yes you are. You are worthy because of Jesus and what Jesus has done. It’s the gift of grace. God wants you to have His best. You are His child. It’s time for some of us to get out of the bargain basement mentality.

We as God’s children are worth so much more than the items left in the bargain basement. God has the best in store (excuse the pun) for His children. Let us change our mindsets and bring them into alignment with God’s thinking. He is not a bargain basement God. God has the best in store for you.

God’s storehouse is a heavenly storehouse full of the best and most precious gifts which have eternal value in His Kingdom – love, patience, endurance, kindness, mercy, truth, gentleness, humility, security, everlasting life, a sound mind, the power to overcome the world, wisdom, strength and much more that we read in Scripture. What do you need will find it in God.

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