Shout for Joy

This is my shout for Joy this Marvellous Monday.

God is good, worthy of all praise and glory. He has taken me who was destined for death and judgement because of my sin and has redeemed, restored and given me the greatest treasure…Jesus and eternal life. He has totally transformed me by His awesome power. I am a new me.

I am no longer dead spiritually but am alive in Christ Jesus, my Lord. I am lifted high through Him who loves Me and who has demonstrated already His great love for me by giving Himself totally for me. He died and rose again from death that I too might live, but not only that He has give me, His Holy Spirit.

His Spirit lives in me and empowers me.

When I fall, Jesus picks me up. He tends my wounds and heals me. He encourages me to endure and persevere. Jesus is in my corner. I am not alone.

He teaches me to be an overcomer of the works of the evil one and to laugh with joy at the works of God.

God’s handiwork of creation is bold and beautiful and reminds me daily how awesome my Father God is.

How wonderful, how amazing that I am now counted His child.

Adopted into the family of the most loving, merciful, gracious, trustworthy, good and powerful Father there ever is and who is for everlasting to everlasting. Praise His glorious name.

Join me in giving a Shout of Joy today for our most marvellous God and His son, Jesus.

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