#Testimony Tuesday- shout out to Sunday School Teachers and Youth Workers

I hope today’s testimony will encourage all the Sunday School and Youth Workers out there who have faithfully served your churches and communities over the years.

I recently sent an email to Alan Kearns from Devotional Treasures because he mentioned in a post that he attended Glenrothes Baptist Church in Fife. Now I live hundreds of miles away in the West Midlands in England and I’ve never met Alan. We connected on WordPress but the church Alan mentioned was familiar to me. Coincidence….I don’t think so. God has a way of connecting believers together over miles and years.

Glenrothes Baptist Church was the first Sunday School that I ever attended when my family lived for a time in Scotland.

I still have the little bible given to me on 25 January 1976 by the Glenrothes Baptist Church Sunday School. It has travelled with me and was the first Bible ever given to me. I wouldn’t part with it as I gave my life to Jesus in that summer of 1976. I was 9 years old.

That gift of a bible was a seed and I’m very grateful for it. I’m not sure if the fellowship at Glenrothes is the same now but I thank the Lord for the ministry of believers in Glenrothes. God knows the other seeds which have been sown by them in good soil and produced fruit for the Kingdom and by other faithful Sunday School Teachers and Youth Workers. Young people have receptive hearts and your labours are not in vain.

My bible is very battered now as you can see and it has been stuck together with sellotape. It is very old though now.

So I just want to thank all the wonderful people who serve as youth leaders and Sunday School Teachers. The seeds you have sown over the years have not been wasted. I am sure that there are lots of believers just like me who had the first foundations of faith in Jesus laid at Sunday School. I’m forever grateful. Thank you.

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