Trav”ails” #TestimonyTuesday

Morning friends, My testimony today is about my recent travelling “travails” and how God answered our “SOS” prayers for help.

You might recall that in early January, my husband and I travelled to Rome to see my youngest daughter who had been working as an Au Pair for 3 months.

Travelling anywhere at that time with the Omicron Covid variant so rampant was no mean feat and international travel took everything to the next level of complication.

There were so many Covid tests to be taken, results uploaded, locator forms to be completed, vaccination status passports to be available (green passports), temperature checks and also special face masks had to be obtained to be worn in Italy.

Well we managed to get everything required in place and set off very early (4.00 a.m.) in the morning to Heathrow Airport about a 2.5 hour journey away to catch our plane.

Everything was going fine until our car suddenly started to misbehave. It started to jerk as if the engine was cutting in and out and then suddenly the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree and a warning message flashed up telling us to stop the car. That was a bit difficult in the middle lane of the motorway at speed but worse was to come the engine started to lose power and our speed dropped dramatically. The motorway was not busy so my husband managed to get the car to the hard shoulder safely.

We had never broken down before and were a bit lost as to what to do. We knew that if the car didn’t start we would miss our flight. My husband tried starting the car again a few times, nothing completely dead. I said out loud “Lord we need to get to the airport and we need this car to work. Help us”. My husband said “Yes”. He’s a man of few words but that was all that was needed. At that moment the Lord quickened to me about the Prayer of Agreement -the bible verses that where two or three agree on earth concerning a thing it will be done. My husband agreed with me and I felt the Lord say that He too agreed with us. There were three of us in agreement that the car needed to work.

We decided to get out of the car. Lock the doors and wait a couple of minutes. When we got back in the car my husband decided to switch off the automatic engine controls and revert to manual mode. He tried the engine again and it started. Praise God.

We resumed our journey but our difficulties hadn’t finished. The car was clearly not right but it was going. I kept praying the Lord would get us to Heathrow in time for the flight and the car would not break down again. However, another light started flashing on the dashboard. By now most of the warning lights were on. This time it was a tyre warning light, telling us we had a flat tyre and were losing pressure. My husband checked and yes, the pressure had fallen on the rear inside tyre. We prayed that it was not a puncture and that the pressure would stabilise. Praise God it did.

We made it to the airport safely and our flight. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to get out of a car.

I thank God that He heard our SOS prayers and answered. Nothing is too small for God to be concerned with for us. When things go wrong and unexpected things occur, I am grateful that I have God to turn to. He is an ever present help in times of trouble. Amen.

Have a blessed day.

We are not alone

3 responses to “Trav”ails” #TestimonyTuesday”

  1. wow, what a journey! sensors on cars can be great, until they misbehave, which can bamboozle us.

    We’ve been there with the loss of power thing on a motorway. Ours was actually due to a couple of fuel injectors that had failed and needed replacing!

    Glad you go there safely, but a journey you’ll remember, for sure!

    Andy B

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