#Testimony Tuesday – Songs in the Night

Today’s testimony I am sharing with you is available on this YouTube link from our church service on Sunday. It is a powerful testimony from our dear brother, Rob Giles. Rob has agreed to me sharing the link to his testimony with you. Rob was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this last week. I encourage you to listen to Rob share how every step in these difficult circumstances, God has been with him and given him a song. He has woken in the night or early hours to a worship song going over in his mind. He calls them Songs in the Night.

I know that Rob’s testimony will bless you and especially the words of the song that he sings for all of us. He knows that there will be difficult times ahead but that God will be with him through it all. Rob talks about moving forward and chasing down what he calls the Elixir of Life, through worship of God, true fellowship with each other and Jesus who is the living water.

The second line of his song says “my soul thirsts for you in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water” Psalm 63.

Rob’s testimony starts at about 9 minutes into the service so you can fast forward to find it. I know you will be encouraged and blessed by it. It is very powerful and moving.

4 responses to “#Testimony Tuesday – Songs in the Night”

  1. What an absolutely fantastic testimony Nicola, thank you for sharing it! Rob is an amazing man with a vibrant heart for God, regardless of his diagnosis.
    Father God I thank you for Rob and his testimony, thank you for his love for sharing Your love with others. We lift him and his cancer up to you now, may Your hand be on those treating Rob. Strengthen and protect Rob in the days of treatment ahead of him. Lift his spirit and give him opportunities to share You freely as he already does. May his words be precious and lasting in the minds of those who hear Rob. Guide and bless him each day in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

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    • Thank you Alan and for your precious prayers for Rob too. I will let him know. When I listened to Rob on Sunday I wanted to share his testimony to bless others. It is a powerful witness for Gods glory. I also had a vision from the Lord that morning which I will share separately shortly. Bless you.

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