The Secret Place 2

After reading my recent post In the Secret Place, my friend Karen sent this message about fruit which comes from that secret place. I love her comments about the dry, barren places becoming lush.

“Late last year I felt God emphasise that I should turn the room I had created as an office into a place where I meet with Him. The room is small and so, so comfortable. I have all that I need, my books, printer, laptop etc.

This room has now become my Poustinia, a place where I meet with Him in solitude and prayer. I look forward to entering into the special place, expectantly.

I have read something this evening referring to the fruit we produce.

This fruit is first formed in the secret and intimate place. The Poustinia.

The place where we find Him in the solitude and silence. The place of prayer, the place of rest, the place of pruning, the place of healing.

Poustinia means desert.

As Christians we understand that the beginnings of great things are often formed in the dry desert places but we have to make the decision to see the desert place as a place where we experience significant spiritual growth, turning it into a place of prayer, thus enabling barrenness to become lush green and fruitful pastures.

The Poustinia, the place where heaven meets earth.”

What lovely and encouraging words.

Blessings my friends. May we encounter God in The Poustinia.

The oasis

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