In the Secret Place

In my recent blog Power of Prayer I wrote about my intention to start a weekly blog on prayer which I’m really excited about. I hope the posts will be helpful, inspiring and stir us up to be passionate prayers of purpose. The pages on prayer are already on my website but breaking down the notes into smaller weekly posts will be new for me this year. I’m also believing for fresh insights as God takes me and leads on this journey. I really hope the posts will encourage comments and discussion amongst us as we share our prayer journeys and testimonies. There is so much we can learn from each other and encourage each other in our prayer lives.

My intention is to follow the original format of my weekly prayer workshops which included themes – What’s in a Name (understanding the Character of God revealed in His Name), Prayerful Confession, Is God hearing my prayers, In whose name are we praying, the Authority of Christ Jesus, Prayer and the Holy Spirit, Praying in the Spirit, Intercessory Prayer, Prayer and Fasting and thinking more about the different types of Prayer revealed in the Bible.

The beauty and wonder of Prayer is it’s simplicity on the one hand and then it’s depths and wonders as we go deeper and grow in our relationship with God. Prayer is easily accessible for us all however young or mature in our Christian faith – Jesus gave us the model prayer after all -but there is also this incredible richness about prayer revealed in the Bible and the example of those heroes of the faith which is a treasury to be discovered as we grow in the knowledge of Christ Jesus and in relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Prayer is a necessity in our Christian life.

In beginning this season on prayer it’s been a good opportunity to think about the place and time that I set aside for my prayer times with God. It starts with being intentional in setting aside time in our weekly routines to spend in prayer and choosing a place for prayer where we can talk, listen and wait on God. Your place with Him. You may be someone who talks to God throughout your day which is wonderful, but there is also the cultivation of these set aside times of personal prayer and reflection that I want to encourage us in.

We read in the gospels that Jesus was in the habit of taking himself off to a quiet place to pray to his Father God. He is our example to follow. Finding a place where we won’t be disturbed or distracted. Jesus tells us to do the the same in the gospels. He encourages us to pray to God who is in the secret place just waiting for us. We have the confidence of access to that place through our faith and salvation and righteousness in Jesus our Lord.

The mobile phone or whatever distracts us is put away and it’s you and God. Now I appreciate that might be easier for some people to find that place than others and if that is you then don’t give up or be discouraged – work with what you can. The Lord knows your heart and your desires and will meet you where you are.

The reason why it is so good to be in a quiet place is that we can focus ourselves completely on God and it is also about having the space, quiet and time to listen to what God is saying to us. For me, my place for these times of prayer is my bedroom. I have my bible and notepad to hand so that if bible verses come to mind as I pray, I can look them up and pray them through and I can note down any other things that comes to mind. Prayer requests made. Prayers answered.

I’m interested to hear about your prayer place, what you have found that works for you and how you have made prayer or want to make prayer a regular part of your life this coming year.

Have a blessed week my friends.

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3 responses to “In the Secret Place”

  1. I am excited to see the progress of your notes into a series on prayer Nicola. My personal prayer begins and focuses mainly around our dining table where I do all my study and writing. This is practical for me physically, because if I got down on the floor…I would be stuck for sure! I like being able to write my prayers in my Devotional journal; it helps me stay on track and to not get distracted as much. Often when I am out and about I will have a quiet time in my car for a few minutes. Thank you for your encouraging words sister, may God bless you on this Lord’s Day.

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    • I sometimes too need help to get off my knees Alan 🤣 I find reading back through my prayer journals really helpful. Being reminded of specific bible verses and words and answered prayer. It’s a great prompt for praise and thanksgiving.

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