Christmas means?

So dear readers, I have been asked to preach on December 12 and been given this heading for my teaching – Christmas Means?

As we start Advent, I’m interested to hear what Christmas means to you too. Please let me know by commenting below.

Have a blessed day.

6 responses to “Christmas means?”

  1. The Christmas of this world means less to me with every passing year, as any connection with the Christ is lost each year. For me it is an opportunity to meditate on and rejoice in the work of Redemption through Christ my Lord and Saviour, a time to share with other believers and those that are seeking His Truth. The calendar date is insignificant in itself, and could be celebrated at any time. But having said that the date is a great opportunity to share the Good News!

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  2. Hi Celia…
    I have been praying about what to preach this Christmas; my focus lately has been on the word “moment”, something like Christmas is a “sacred moment” that comes daily to us when we realize the immense love of God for each of us. It is interesting that our Filipino word for Christmas and Easter is the same which is Pasko from the Hebrew word Pasch. Yes! We say Merry Christmas as Maligayang Pasko, a merry pasch or passover. Happy Easter is Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay (resurrection). Christmas like Easter are sacred moments when God entered our material world with his immense spiritual reality that affected and changed our material world. Only those willing to pass over from material world to spiritual world – even for a moment – would surely realize and experience God present and coming to us in Jesus. Have a blessed Christmas! Thank you for enriching my journey in the Lord with your reflections and insights!

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