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  • Truth..


    Most people that I encounter want to know the truth. They don’t want lies, half-truths, imaginations or guesswork. However, I find more and more that people’s expectations are that they won’t be told the truth and they expect lies. If you did a poll I think the majority would now say that they do not […]

  • Advent Calendars

    Advent Calendars

    “Have you got me an Advent Calendar this year“ asked Daughter looking hopeful. Husband and I exchanged looks which we interpreted between us thus “Is she serious-yes I think so-did you-no-did you-no-oh!” Daughter apparently can now also interpret “the look” because she proceeded to look sad and tell us that we were the “only parents […]

  • Advent Kindness

    My friend Mark sends me his Advent Calendar of Kindness every year so I thought I would share it with you too 😊. Enjoy and may it inspire us all to little acts of kindness throughout December.

  • Christmas means?

    Christmas means?

    So dear readers, I have been asked to preach on December 12 and been given this heading for my teaching – Christmas Means? As we start Advent, I’m interested to hear what Christmas means to you too. Please let me know by commenting below. Have a blessed day.