Glory Carriers

In February this year (2018) as I was praying the Lord spoke the following to me. 

There is power in my Word.  Whatever I declare from heaven concerning a matter or nation will be performed.  My angels act on my commands. 

My Word is powerful.  My Word is creative but also destructive.  It can build up or it can tear down and root out.   Whenever I speak, My Word will perform whatever it is sent forth to achieve. 

I have declared a new time and season.   A new day for the church in this nation.   Too long she has been weak, ineffective and struggling like a new-born babe.  Now she will rise up with renewed energy & vigour. 

She will have learned how to use the tools I have equipped her with so that My kingdom can advance. 

It is time to take the Kingdom of God and push forward. 

To take the light into the darkness.  

I do not need a vast army to achieve my purposes.

Only those who are willing to fight against evil (in prayer, in truth & doing good);

those willing to persevere;

those willing not to count the cost;

those who are bold;

those who have courage;

those who take their strength from me;

Those will be part of my army.  

those who are skilled in the Word;

those who know their position;

those who listen and obey;

They will receive the words to speak and declare in My name.  

They will see My wonder-working power at work.   

They will be my vessels to bring Christ’s healing, holiness and salvation to nations.  

I am on the move and my body the church needs to discern where I am leading in this season. 

It is not time for the faint hearted, the men pleasers, the timid – this is the season for those who fear the Lord and show that reverence and fear.  

Those who love righteousness and hate wickedness, injustice and wrong and will stand up and be counted.  

They will be the carriers of My presence into all situations where I have placed them – whether in the home, work, family, government, schools, everywhere they find themselves.   They can have an impact for good. 

Lord may we be carriers of your Glory. May your Kingdom come. May your will be done.

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