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  • Transmogration !

    Transmogration !

    On New Year’s Eve, I posted about transformation in us through faith in Jesus. It made me think of this post from 2021 on Transmogration! which I think is timely for the year ahead as I sense the stirring of the Holy Spirit on the subject of Transformation. If you are intrigued by Transmogration then […]

  • The Rug Pulled Out

    Morning all, I encourage you to read this post which I read this morning. The Lord has been speaking to me about prayer, preparation and so this post really resonated with me. Have a blessed day. I had a dream where I saw many people some standing, some kneeling on rugs. Those kneeling were kneeling […]

  • A Warning Dream-false accusations

    Morning all, I want to share a dream which I had last night which I believe was from the Lord following on from yesterday’s post about being prepared. I saw an armchair in the living room of a house with someone sitting relaxing in the armchair. I did not know the person. It was a […]

  • Transmogration !

    Wow, what a mouthful of a word. It comes from the word “Transmogrify” or ” Transmogrified”. I had never heard of this word until I heard it spoken to me in a dream that the Lord gave me last week. I should explain that this word I heard in my dream is not the full […]