Prayer Walks

Hi and thank you for visiting. On this page you will find links to my posts about some of the prayer walks I have done around our local area. I hope they encourage you to go on your own prayer walks.

You can prayer walk alone. I personally prefer prayer walking with others as you benefit from seeking God and hearing with others what the Lord is saying.

I always find it amazing what the Lord will show you as you walk around your neighbourhood or wherever He leads you. Also, the people he has for you to meet, the God Appointments.

I have seen some incredible things when prayer walking which I believe have been signs from God…a wooden gate floating down a river just as we sang “swing wide the gate and let the King come in” shill amazes me.

The Holy Spirit will lead you how to pray and prompt bible verses for your area as the Lord shows you what His Kingdom would look like. His vision for your community.

If you find it hard to get started then simply go out and speak words of blessing and thankfulness around your neighbourhood. The more you do it you’ll be amazed at how the Lord will start to inspire your prayers and open your eyes to see what He sees.

Prayers at Dudley Castle, Prayers at Dudley Castle -part 2, Prayer at Dudley Castle part 3

Stourbridge – Wells of Living Water Part 1, Prayers for Stourbridge – Rivers of living Water -Part 2, Stourbridge – Living Water, Prayer Drive- Stourbridge

Prayer Walking

Praying and declaring from a high place

God Appointments

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