God Appointments

I was encouraged to write this post by dear brother Alan Kearns’ recent post Evidence for prayer and his prompting to ask for God appointments in our day. I just wanted to cheer when I read it and say…..Yes, Amen. It really does work. I have found it opens the way for God to use me in all types of situations and even in my weaknesses and messes to bless others. God loves people. He really, really does and longs to show His care and compassion.

If you’re reading this thinking I can’t do that. It’s for those Super Spiritual, amazing Christians and that sounds way too scary for me, I won’t know what to say or do…then join the club. I was just like that too but then I realised that there aren’t many of those “super spiritual walking on water Christians” around and anyway this was not about me, it’s all about God wanting to show His love and care to His children and God’s just looking for someone to say “I’m here…little old me, nothing special but I’m available for an appointment God, so please use me and do your work through me”..that was it, my prayer and God brought those appointments along.

God showed me that we can be the answer to someone else’s need by sometimes doing something so simple…..like just holding someone’s hand. This is what happened to me in one of those God Appointments.

I was in our local cafe one afternoon with 2 friends. It was a regular meet up as once a month we would meet for a coffee, chat and prayer. The manager of the cafe was a Christian from another local church and knew us. I went up to order my coffee and he asked if he could introduce me to someone. It was an elderly lady who was a regular customer at the cafe. She had recently been widowed and was lonely. I asked her if she would like to join us at our table and she did.

We chatted for some time and had a lovely time with her. We listened as she talked about her husband and their times together. Towards the end of our chat, I explained that we were Christians and asked her if we could pray for her before we left, She agreed and as we prayed, I felt prompted to take her hand. I asked her if it was ok if I held her hand and she said yes and then started to cry. She explained that the one thing she missed more than anything was holding her husband’s hand. Every time they walked anywhere together they held hands. She told us that as she had walked to town that day, she really missed her husband and had wanted someone to just hold hands with again. That had been the desire of her heart. That just blew me away and we all started crying. God had known exactly what she needed to comfort her and so He set up that appointment for her.

That dear lady wasn’t a Christian when we met but from that first meeting and then subsequent chats around the coffee table, she started to go to her local church and got confirmed. Praise God. From little seeds that are planted it’s amazing what God can do.

Have a blessed day and I hope you feel encouraged to ask God for an appointment for Him today. I’m looking forward to hearing and sharing more testimonies of God at work through these divine appointments.

A simple touch of love

6 responses to “God Appointments”

  1. Good day Nicola from sunny Glenrothes! Thank you for linking my post to this beautiful post. I am just thrilled that our Father God has used my wee bit of writing to encourage you and other saints.
    What a beautiful, beautiful story you share regarding the lady in the coffee shop. Our Father God definitely ordained the meeting and had this lady in His heart. Some would call it a coincidence…but it is a God-incidence, a Divine Appointment. Glory to God!
    May He bless you this weekend sister.

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    • I’m glad the sun is shining up there with you. Can you send it to the Midlands as the promised sun hasn’t arrived here yet. I definitely believe in the God incidences and will share some more of such stories over the coming months. Thanks again for the inspiration. Have a blessed weekend in Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful testimony of how God used you to meet someone else’s need. I love that it ended with her meeting Jesus through the times she spent over coffee with you and your friends.


  3. Halu…!
    Your story of touching the woman’s hand touched me, made my eyes swelled with tears.
    Very true. sometimes, the simplest gestures of kindness is what others need most to feel God present.
    A blessed Monday to you!

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    • Thank you and yes, I agree. What can seem like a small and insignificant gesture to us can make a huge difference to someone else. Gestures of kindness are what God is all about. We find him in those simple gestures like you say. It also shows how each one of us can serve him in simple ways. Thank you for your words. Have a blessed day.

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