Not my King?

So today is an historic day for us in the United Kingdom. A new King is being crowned today in Westminster Abbey. The crown is ready, the royal robes and all the pomp and ceremony. The ancient traditions mixed with some modern updates.

The troops in all their finery, well wishers and crowds are already gathering along the procession route to cheer and have come from many countries to witness this historic sight. For those of us who can’t be there in person we will be watching all the action live from our TV sets.

The bunting and flags are out. The street parties arranged…the celebrations will be in full swing all weekend long. The weather is unfortunately not kind today but even the rain will not dampen the spirits. There will be celebrations around the country.

Not everyone is pleased to accept the new King. There have been demonstrations by some people holding banners saying “Not My King”. Whatever their opinions though, Charles will become King Charles III of the United Kingdom today. It is going to happen whether they like it or not. It’s already been settled by our constitution. A foregone conclusion.

I am reminded of the one who is already proclaimed King of Kings. His name is Jesus. God has already raised him to the highest position and declared Jesus to be King of Kings. One day everyone from small to great will bow before Him and acknowledge that truth.

Dear reader, are you one of those people today who have not yet acknowledged Jesus as your King. Have you said “He’s not my King”.

Jesus is not a thief. If you are not of His Kingdom and have not acknowledged Him as King then you will not be part of His glorious eternal Kingdom. Jesus only receives those who are His. Those who have received Him as their Lord and Saviour. Don’t delay..come to Jesus today and receive Him and make Jesus the King of your life. That truly will be a day of celebration in heaven. The angels will rejoice in the saving of another soul.

10 responses to “Not my King?”

  1. As you can imagine I am watching with interest at the historical significance, but more so of what it means for Christians.
    The regalia and pomp today pales in contrast to the beauty of our King of Kings, before whom we will all bow some day. All glory to the Lamb of God upon His Throne, Hallelujah!

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  2. Here in the United States, some folks have said something similar, “he’s not my president!” But the eternal consequences of saying not my King about Jesus are all too real and need to be considered and addressed. Sooner probably than later, if seeing what’s going on in the world is any indication!

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