Morning all, I have been away at the #fresh streams conference for a few days. It has been a wonderful few days of fellowship and having space to listen to God.

Our speaker in one of the main sessions mentioned this word “Re-calibrate”. He explained that it was one of the words that the Lord had spoken to him about changes needed in his church fellowship. The other words were Stop, Re-set, Recalibrate, Release and Run which he went on to explain to us.

The theme of change and transformation has been on my heart at the start of this year and so this word “Recalibrate” resonated with me (as did the others) but that one more so. The Holy Spirit reminded me that the Lord had spoken that word to me before. You can read it by clicking the link here Re-Calibrate.

It may be in this season at the start of a new year that the Lord will highlight something to you which needs to be re-calibrated in your life and bring further revelation.

One thing that was said on this theme was a challenge to me to accurately measure in line with God’s measurements.

What measures do I use for “success” in church life and are they in line with worldly or Godly standards. How do I gauge maturity in me and my fellow believers…is my measurement accurate or does it need re-calibrating in God and His Word.

Have a blessed day.

7 responses to “Recalibrate…”

  1. Sounds like you had a good time

    Yes, recalibrating is a daily necessity – how quickly we can steer away from God, without noticing!!

    And how grateful we should be that God’s mercies recalibrate every single morning 🙂

    Andy B

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  2. It sounds like a great conference Nicola. I miss going to conferences; the last one I was at was a Men’s Ministry conference in Glasgow. Such Biblical events are helpful for recalibration.

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