Outrageous Grace..

We celebrate today the most beauteous and precious gift given freely to mankind which came to us in such humble form. Undeserving as we are to the mercy and love of God, He did not leave us in our wretched state, but God chose to come to us, Immanuel and we are so grateful and full of joy for this amazing gift.

Although free to us, this gift cost our dear and precious Saviour Jesus much suffering, pain and grief leading from birth to death but then a glorious resurrection. What more can we say but Thank you and receive the gift with graciousness.

Our Saviour has come to us and those who have received Him are now His children.

Outrageous grace indeed. Thank you Lord.

Happy Christmas to all my blogging friends and thoughts especially for those who are in difficult circumstances today. May you know the comfort and love of God today.

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