Christmas “cat”astrophe…

Last year our Christmas Eve was interrupted by our cat being a bit too inquisitive. This year she has also found the Christmas presents under the tree and I took this photo of her last night looking like she was planning more mischief. It reminded me of last year. It didn’t put the neighbours off…There is a bike being delivered today so here’s hoping….

We have a family cat and like most cats she is extremely curious. This Christmas Eve her curiosity got us and her into a bit of Santa trouble.

This is her as a kitten looking soooo innocent 😇

Our neighbour has two small children who are also extremely curious (especially when it comes to finding presents) and so our neighbour hides their presents at our house and collects them late on Christmas Eve. We leave them at the bottom of our stairs so she can pop in for them when they’re asleep.

So, we were sitting having our Christmas Eve dinner when suddenly the peace was broken by the unmistakable sound of breaking paper and much caterwauling. We rushed out to find the cat had jumped from the stairs onto the largest present which wasn’t solid and she had gone through the paper and got stuck inside. The paper was broken and this was the special paper that all the Santa presents were wrapped in. Nooooooooooo!!

Just at that moment my phone pinged and neighbour was texting she was coming around to collect the gifts. I did the only thing possible in the situation….

I sent my husband to break the bad news.

Hiding in shame 🤣

12 responses to “Christmas “cat”astrophe…”

  1. I love this story, Nicola! And you got to use the word “caterwauling.” 😺

    The ending of your tale leaves plenty of room for the reader to imagine their own conclusion—“What was your neighbor’s reaction?”
    Simply wonderful! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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      • When we had a full-sized tree, my husband wrapped fishing line around the top of the tree and secured the ends to a windowsill and door frame to keep the cats from knocking it down. Now that we have a 4.5 ft tree, I use a bungee cord to secure it to the small table we place it on.

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