Deep Joy..

Over the last few days, I have read a number of posts by fellow bloggers on “joy” and given it’s the season “to be joyful” I thought I would “joy-n” in…here’s a post I wrote on joy..enjoy x

Do you need some joy in your hearts today my friends?

A re-discovering of the joy in knowing the love of Jesus that is down deep in our hearts – a deep, deep, deep joy.

I was reminded this week of the deep, deep, deep down joy of the Lord.

Have you experienced and can you remember that deep, deep, joy of when you found Jesus as Lord and Saviour. When you realised that you were forgiven, loved, cleaned up, restored, healed, redeemed and part of God’s family.

There is a praise song about that deep, deep, deep joy found in Jesus. It’s a children’s song but the words are so profound, we adults can definitely benefit from the reminder that because of Jesus we have a deep, deep, well of joy inside us that we can tap into. It’s rooted deep in our hearts.

When things get tough and we are going through hardships, trials and all sorts of tests we need to dig deep into our faith.

The Joy of the Lord is our strength and how precious it is to know that deep down in the reserves of our heart and soul there is that deep, deep, deep joy just waiting to be re-discovered.

If you need a reminder of that joy today (and you might think this is a bit silly) but I encourage you to have a listen to the words of this children’s praise song again – I hope it will have you smiling, tapping your toes and singing along before you realise it. You might even have a dance around the kitchen!! I dare you.

Guaranteed joy x.

12 responses to “Deep Joy..”

  1. Many children’s worship songs have lyrics far deeper than the vast majority of modern worship hymns churned out in the last 20 years.

    Even their action centred cousins help us live out what we’re singing – a good reminder next time we inwardly groan at the kids song we ‘allow’

    Worship is worship. And worship brings joy to both man and God (and rocks too)

    God’s after a messily joyful heart, not a perfectly packaged person!

    Great post Nicola!

    Andy B

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  2. O Happy Day! Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee! I’ve Got a River of Life flowing out of me! Spring up O Well! In Christ we are in Peace led forth in Joy in the Holy Spirit, like newborn calves from a stall; ransomed for God by His Blood; saved, redeemed, forgiven, justified, sanctified, glorified, called, chosen, faithful to the Faithful and Worthy and True Word and Spirit of God; healed, delivered, freed; made a kingdom and priests to God our Father and His Christ and so much MORE! maturing into a bride! thank you Abba Father for Jesus! thank you Jesus for the finished work of the Cross! thank you Holy Spirit for conceiving and revealing and manifesting and forming the life and Spirit of Christ in us! abundant grace and the free gift of righteousness through Jesus! seeing God’s risen ascended glorious Christ on the Throne of God our Father, having full access through the Cross, through faith by grace, we are changing from one degree of glory to another! cause for continuous gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation, acknowledgement, and acceptance of the free Gift Jesus paid such a high price to give us; continuous celebration, praise, worship, and giving glory to God! “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty Who was and is and is to come!”
    Children have nothing to give to God but themselves, but when we come to Jesus as a born again child, He gives us everything of Himself of God! We grow up in EVERY way into the Head of all rule, reign, dominion, authority, and power! King of kings and Lord of lords! I’ve still got that joy, joy, joy since moving from sorrow to joy, mourning to dancing, oppressed by the devil to safe and secure, protected and provided for in Christ!

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