Come and See…

The infant lying in His mother’s arms,
The Shepherds bowing at His feet,
Strange visitors from another place,
bringing precious gifts and treasures.

Come and see,

The son answering a mother’s request,
Water into wine,
The multiplied bread and fish,
To feed the hungry,
The opening of eyes blind from birth,
To see Mercy’s face.

Come and see,

The man leaping, dancing, praising,
Rescued from a bed of sin and shame,
The woman now straight and strong,
Arms raised in praise,
Set free at the Saviours touch.

Come and see,

The wind and waves silenced and stilled,
The bonds of death broken,
Grave clothes exchanged for joy,
The lepers shame removed,
Outcasts no longer,
The blind man’s eyes made new.

Come and see,

The angry crowd,
Innocence marred and bruised,
Crown of thorns on beaten head,
The body broken on the tree,
The dark of night as heaven mourned.

Come and see,

The empty tomb,
The light breaks through,
The joy of heaven’s delight,
The keys of death and hell in hand
Risen Saviour,
Beckoning us to follow Him.

Seen enough?

Nicola Reeve 2022

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