Advent Calendars 1 December

It’s 1 December and all around the rustle of advent calendars being opened and chocolates eaten. Here’s my Advent Calendar post from last year which I hope raises a smile.

“Have you got me an Advent Calendar this year“ asked Daughter looking hopeful. Husband and I exchanged looks which we interpreted between us thus “Is she serious-yes I think so-did you-no-did you-no-oh!”

Daughter apparently can now also interpret “the look” because she proceeded to look sad and tell us that we were the “only parents who never sent their offspring an Advent Calendar in the post at University”. Poor girl-how did she cope being so neglected 🤣

Anyway, feeling suitably chastised husband and I rushed out to the shops on the evening to try and find an Advent Calendar. It had to be a chocolate one of course because that is what she meant. It seems to be the thing-edible Advent Calendars.

We do still have the family Advent Calendar of the manger scene that comes out every year. You add a piece every day to build up the scene but of course you can’t eat it!! This doesn’t cut it anymore unfortunately. If it’s not chocolate then they are not interested. 🙁

Our traditional Advent Calendar-I think we may have lost a few pieces x

For as long as I can remember we always had an Advent Calendar to open leading up to Christmas Day. When I was a child it was a paper calendar that told the story of Jesus’ birth. It was with great excitement that we opened the tiny windows to see the little picture for the day and read the Bible verse. It didn’t matter that it was the same picture every year, we still looked forward to the “discovery” of what was behind the window. I loved it.

It’s sad that the only Advent Calendars you seem to find in the shops now have nothing to do with the Christmas story. I hope that there are still some traditional Advent calendars being made.

Anyway, my husband now seems to have got in on the act because this year he bought me an Advent Calendar of coffee!!! Can you believe it but behind every door is a new coffee pod to get me up and going in the morning, Rocket Fuel for the day ahead. What could I say but thanks! 😊

Anyway, daughter was very pleased when she got home to find her Advent Calendar and her favourite chocolate, Maltesers. She’s away this weekend so I popped in to open a window for her….what did I find? She’d already opened them! She obviously doesn’t trust me 🤣

An extra 3 days’ ahead 🤣

5 responses to “Advent Calendars 1 December”

  1. i still rather like the idea of the crate of beer, with a grid and numbers hastily written over the top – 24 cans, one for each day

    i know some will find that irreverent.

    and, yet, the expectation of Jesus coming back is the point, so the contents surely don’t matter – the contents from the manger matter far more…

    Andy B

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