Songs of the Heart..

What is the song of your heart?

That’s not a question you may have been asked before but think about it for a moment.

What song is playing in your heart?

When we as believers come to worship God, He hears the song of our heart not just the words from our lips.

Sometimes, in our heart’s song there’s a background note or harmony that’s a bit off, a bit out of tune. The melody of worship is playing but occasionally there is that “wrong note” that influences the tune.

A song, as we know, is not just one note, it’s full of different and varied notes and chords that create harmonies. It only takes one of those notes to be off or slightly out of tune to spoil the music..the symphony of our hearts song.

I am sure we can all think of obvious actions, thoughts, emotions which would be those “off notes”. However, there are some things in our lives – past wounds, emotional hurts, wrong influences that we no longer recognise as “wrong notes”.

Those notes have become so familiar to us that we don’t hear them anymore or recognise that they are affecting the melody. Those sounds have become “white noise” or perhaps that one very painful note we have got used to and now ignore. Those “off-notes’ have blended in to our song.

Although, we may no longer hear them, God does. He hears the whole song of your heart. His ear is tuned in and God cares about the song playing in your heart. God wants us to be healed and whole in all areas of our lives in and through the finished work of Jesus and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.

So, what song is your heart playing?

Is the Holy Spirit revealing something which has been that background noise or “note” for too long. Is there a wrong note influencing your relationship with God and others. It’s never too late for healing, restoration and release through the mighty power of Jesus and the living Word. Amen.

Re-write the tune

11 responses to “Songs of the Heart..”

  1. Agreed, this is a wonderful illustration of how we can we just a little bit off key with the Lord and not realize it. Thankfully, we have the Holy Spirit, and fellow believers, to point this out. Great post, Nicola!

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