A celebration…

Hello blogging friends. I’ve been away for a few days celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary. After a few hints, my husband agreed with me that this was an occasion to be celebrated and so a mini-break was booked to Porto, Portugal.

It was a double celebration as my husband was also celebrating his birthday. He’s caught up with me..I am a month older.

What a beautiful city Porto was. It had a lovely relaxed feel about it and after just one day, we felt relaxed and comfortable wandering around the streets and sitting with a drink at one of the river cafes.

We arrived in the middle of extreme heat warnings for the country but amazingly, the temperature in Porto didn’t go into the red zone. I was very grateful as I’m not used to such heat. Since coming home though the UK is in the middle of an extreme heatwave. We’re just not used to the heat here and to say the country has literally gone into meltdown in more ways than one is very apt.

I thought you might enjoy a few photos from my recent trip before normal blogging resumes..the cork is one that we made in the museum of cork as a momento of our trip.

View from the gardens of the River Douro
The metro looking back to the monastery
View back to Porto from the gardens
Cloisters at the Monastery
This bridge is also by Eiffel who built the famous tower
One of the famous Port Houses Taylor’s
No trip to Porto would be complete without a Port tasting,
Loved the tram rides
The end

25 responses to “A celebration…”

  1. So glad you enjoyed a min holiday here in beautiful Portugal! I love Porto, it’s such a beautiful city and has so much light shining into it. God bless 🥰

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    • Thanks David. Yes, sun, good food and relaxation. It was nice to have some time alone. Even though I love our family being around it’s nice to have time for just the two of us occasionally.


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