Leaving traces….

Yesterday, I went into our guest bedroom to find something. What with Covid and the travel restrictions, it’s not seen a lot of guests in the last year or so and has become rather a dumping ground for all sorts of family mess. However, it seems that one member of the family has been sneaking in there for her day time naps. The rascal.

Here she is the little rascal

She wasn’t in there at the time but the evidence of her was clearly visible. She had made herself a little nest on my red tablecloth (I did say all sorts of stuff had been left in that room) and traces of her were very visible on that red tablecloth. White cat hairs everywhere. I definitely knew she had been there. She had left traces….

So for those who know me through my writings, you’ll know that these seemingly random things always get me thinking. Leaving traces was the words that came to me. Do I leave traces of my presence behind? What about you? Would someone know that I’d been there before.

There is a beautiful verse in Acts about Peter and John.

When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realised that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. Acts 4:13

I pray that people will know that I have been with Jesus too and that I leave traces of Jesus behind me wherever I go. That’s my desire today for me and I hope for you too. May they say about us “ they have been with Jesus”.

Have a blessed day my friends. One more cheeky picture of the cat to make you smile.

I want to come on holiday too…

Oh ok another one, you twisted my arm

Aww you found me…your turn to hide next. 1,2,3 coming ready or not

9 responses to “Leaving traces….”

  1. What a lovely wee cat Nicola, and you are absolutely right about leaving traces. May we show evidence in our life of having been with Jesus. God bless you on this Lord’s Day sister.

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  2. I’ve prayed for this recently, that when I enter a business or shop, the presence of God enters with me and the people around me feel it. And I fully believe that the Holy Spirit uses those random thoughts or occurrences to prompt us with blog ideas. It happens to me all the time! So you keep listening and sharing!

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  3. Thank you for sharing the blessing of how our Lord leaves His traces. Years ago, I was laid off at work. God left me clues about where I was to go, and He filled me with patience and perservance.

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  4. This is touching and so inspiring, Nicola!
    You know, you have taught me something so precious, so special that I have felt God closest: I have been imitating your method of prayer and writing of focusing on words, of dwelling on them to find God’s message. It was a new direction in my prayer and I felt God is leading me to that direction. And he used you as his instrument. Thank you! God bless you more so you may bless us more too!

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