Look the Part…Play your Part

These are the words that greeted me yesterday on a very large boxed package that arrived with my name on it.

It was very exciting to receive such a large parcel through the post and then to unwrap it and read those words..I had been expecting the delivery in the post although the day and time of its arrival was not known.

I sort of knew what was in the box because I had heard from others who had already received theirs, but this was now my experience of receiving my parcel. Delivered just for me.

The packaging was also a surprise. No-one had mentioned the packaging itself. That really surprised me because the packaging itself was more impactful, thoughtful and challenging to me than the contents of the box. Those words on the outside speaking to me…

Look the Part

Play your Part….

Sometimes people are so keen to get to the gift or what’s in the parcel that they don’t notice the packaging.

That’s a challenge isn’t it….do we take time to notice the packaging?

This packaging had a clear message on it and reminded me of the Christian gospel message of accepting Jesus as our saviour, ongoing discipleship and walking with Jesus all our lives.

Look the part……Are we washed clean from our sins, dressed in our garments of salvation and royal robes of righteousness. Clothed with love, humility and grace from above?

Play your Part…Are we living our lives out daily as Christians in love and service to God and others. Keeping right accounts with God and each other. Growing in the knowledge of God, Jesus our Lord and Saviour and filled with the Holy Spirit who guides us and teaches us.

Wow all of that from a box. So can you guess what the box was and it’s contents?

There’s a clue in the corner

You guessed it…..I’m a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games 2022 which will see athletes from all over the commonwealth nations coming to my home city of Birmingham. In a months’ time I’ll be part of a sporting event and helping to welcome and support visitors to our city. A face of the games.

It wasn’t just the message on the outside of the box that challenged and inspired me. There was more on the inside. Read on and see what you think. Whoever wrote these words is passionate about the message they had to impart.

“When we come together, we form something even more powerful.” Power in unity…that’s the body of Christ

Wow. As the body of Christ we have a message of salvation, joy and hope for non-believers. Jesus is alive…Praise God. I want to shout it from the roof tops…are you hungry? are you thirsty? Do you want life in all its fullness? Forgiveness for your sins? Are you weary, anxious, at your lowest point? Come to Jesus.

Game on…

Someone has put a lot of thought into every element…God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Created in His image.

Have a blessed day today my friends and you never know what will pop into your day unexpectedly to inspire you. Blessings in Jesus

7 responses to “Look the Part…Play your Part”

  1. What an amazing message delivered by Royal Mail! Wait a minute…”Royal Mail” … is that another idea? 🤔
    Excellent post sister, I am sure you will shine for your city and for Jesus your Lord.

    Liked by 1 person

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