Sorrow and Solace

Like many people my Grandad David had experienced tragedy in his life. He served in World War 1 and lost his first wife when she was aged only 25. His own mother had died when he was just 22. He was only married for 5 years and was left widowed with a four year old daughter. He found love again though when he was 32 and married my grandma, Elizabeth. They went on to have 9 children.

Grandad started writing his notebook when he was 19. It was in that year that his young sister Dinah died and in his writings I found this piece entitled “Sorrow and Solace”. I don’t know who wrote this poem but the words bear repeating.

When sorrow overtakes us
It’s then we look to God
To support us in bereavement,
And His promises uphold.

Sometimes He calls a loved one
To dwell with Him on high,
This then we see our weakness,
And to Him for strength do fly

So let us walk the narrow road
That leads to joys on high
And brings us to the promised land,
Eternal in the sky

Praying for all those who are grieving the loss of loved ones that you will find comfort and solace in God above today.

5 responses to “Sorrow and Solace”

  1. What a precious piece of wisdom from such a young man. Thank you again for your granddad’s writings. It is a thought that God his Father and our Father knew that these writings would bless brethren in 2022!

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