Staying close to the source

There have been some wonderful and inspiring things I have seen this weekend away in the Derbyshire Dales. I love how the beauty of nature reminds me of God. You see His hand in creation. The wildlife and scenery.

Some man made things have also inspired me- like these old drinking troughs which were built to collect the fresh spring water for the nearby village. The men and women would collect it daily and even sell it for a penny a bucket.

The spring feeding these troughs has never been known to run dry
Even the dog knew which trough was the best water

The first 2 troughs which collected the spring water were clear but the furthest ones were filled with weeds.

It reminded me how we keep pure and fresh by staying close to our saviour, Jesus and staying in and being obedient to God’s Word. The more we stray the weeds in our lives start to choke out Godly purity.

The last trough filled with weeds

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