#Testimony Tuesday – Pam’s story

As it was Mother’s Day on Sunday then I just had to re-share my Mum’s healing testimony today for #TestimonyTuesday. She’s 84 now and an inspiring woman of faith.

My mum married my Dad, Bill when she was young. He was a reservist in the army and was posted to Somerset in England for his basic training. Dad was Scottish from Edinburgh and so a long way from home. He decided to visit the local Pentecostal church which my Mum attended. It was love at first sight according to Mum. I don’t think she wanted to let Dad out of her sight from that time onwards but unfortunately Dad was later posted overseas for the Suez crises.

Mum was only 18 and a young mum when she was taken ill suddenly. She had been out for the day on a Church outing. On the way home she developed a bad headache which she put down to tiredness. It got worse and worse though and eventually she became so ill that she was taken to hospital.

Mum was diagnosed with suspected Meningitis and put into the isolation hospital. All she can really remember of that time is having lumber-punctures to drain the fluid from her spine which she said were terribly painful. She dreaded them. The Doctors told her family that it was not looking good and that my Dad needed to be sent for immediately from abroad as she was not likely to pull through.

My grandad contacted the army and Dad was brought home from his posting in Cyprus. It was the 1950s so communication wasn’t easy. The army wouldn’t tell him either what was wrong with Mum so he expected the worst. Dad kept the newspaper cuttings from the time which we still have. They are a bit brown but you can still read them.

Mum had taken a turn for the worse. My mum’s parents were not churchgoers but her Aunt Mabel was and it was my Aunt who had taken my mum to church from a young girl. Mum had become a Christian and been baptised. The church committed to praying for mum and they decided to have an all-night prayer vigil for her when they heard the news that she was not expected to survive. They sent prayer cloths in to the hospital and were faithful in praying for her recovery and healing. She made it through that night and the worst was over. There was a breakthrough. Praise God.

From that time on, Mum started to get better and better and the Doctors were amazed at her recovery. They told her though that in their opinion she would still not be able to walk again. Mum was convinced though that she had been healed and was determined to show the Doctors that she would walk. She recovered her strength and was soon up and about. The Doctors were so pleased that she was able to walk that they agreed that she could leave the hospital after many months and continue her recovery at home.

Mum is convinced that God healed her in answer to prayer. Without prayer she is sure that she would not have survived the meningitis. I’m grateful for those faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who committed to pray through the night for her. I’m especially grateful that God answered prayer and she made it because otherwise I wouldn’t be here today. Thank the Lord for His mercies.

If you need God to move in your situation today, or for someone else, then I hope this testimony encourages you and gives you hope. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

Enjoying a day by the river

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