Adjust the Overflow

Welcome to Monday my friends and the week ahead. I want to share a word & picture from our time at fellowship yesterday which I hope will also bless, encourage and inspire you as you go into the week ahead.

The word the Lord gave me initially was Overflow.

Jesus is the living water who fills us and refreshes us. He overflows His grace & Holy Spirit into us. Unless water has an outflow though the water becomes stagnant. The water is meant to flow as it is living. Inflow and Outflow.

However, the picture the Lord showed me with this word Overflow was that some people saw their overflow pipe at the top of their tank. They felt that they had to have a full tank before they could begin to overflow to others but the Lord was saying- you don’t need to wait for your tank to fill- adjust your overflow pipe.

Set the overflow pipe to where you are at currently.

You may feel dry at the moment and that you only have a trickle in your tank but the Lord wants you to open the tap and let the trickle out – see your overflow pipe at the bottom of the tank.

Whatever level the water is in your tank then let it overflow.

The tank will surely fill as you ask the Lord to fill you and as you overflow then the more your tank will fill.

Bless you today my friends as the Lord overflows through you – it could just be a smile which makes the world of difference to someone who is lonely, it could be a short prayer for those in need. Have an overflowing day.

Adjusting the Overflow

3 responses to “Adjust the Overflow”

  1. Thank you Nicola for this wonderful sharing!
    I felt so consoled because it is very similar to the word I used last Thursday and Sunday: FLOW as in let your love flow. I was counselling a mother who felt she could not give anything good her children. I reminded her all her life she had been continuously a vessel of God flowing with all his blessings to her family. Last Sunday, I told my congregation to let your love flow…do not control. Just let it flow from God.
    Truly, God’s grace is overflowing right now, right here!

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