It’s all in the details

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression before “It’s all in the details” or variations of it.

Are you a details person?

It’s a standing joke in our house that I never properly read instructions especially for new appliances or gadgets. I just give the instructions a skim, think I know enough and crack on. It usually results in me calling my husband for help telling him that this new “thingy” is not working properly.

He always, always says “Have you read the instructions my sweet”? Grrrrr!

This year I am following the chronological daily Bible readings. Something which has really stood out to me in recent readings is how God gave the Israelites really precise and detailed instructions after they left Egypt on everything, and I mean really precise. God was in every detail of their lives.

When the Israelites left Egypt after hundreds of years of slavery, they had to leave their old ways and culture behind. Their old lives were now contrary to the ways of God. God tells them exactly how their new lives are to be lived out and He leaves nothing to chance. They have been slaves to an Egyptian Culture but now God gives them His plan for their new lives. He tells them how they are to worship him in the desert and how they are to live. How they are to claim their promised land. How to live victoriously and defeat their enemies. The battle plans and tactics for warfare.

Does this sound familiar to those of us who have been born again into the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ. We have left our old life and ways behind and are now new creations. We are now children of God. Children of light. Children of a new Kingdom. We learn new ways to live and behave as followers of Jesus. His disciples. We learn how to overcome our sinful natures and live victoriously in Christ.

I have been struck again though in my readings how absolutely nothing was left to chance by God. He provided detailed specifications and measurements for the building of the tabernacle of meeting, the Ark of Covenant, the Priestly garments, the sacrifices, jewellery, materials, precise designs, and specifically named craftsmen.

The Lord told Moses to follow exactly the design God showed him on the mountain. Moses was given the blueprint on how and what to do. It was the best plan.

And not forgetting of course Health and Safety. God gave detailed instructions about sanitation, hygiene, food to eat, food to avoid, how to recognise and treat diseases, quarantine requirements and even down to specific instructions for dealing with mould in their houses!

The people pitched their tents according to their families and tribe as God specified, they broke camp in order and they marched in order.

The Israelites knew what was expected of them.

As a team leader, I know that people like to know what’s expected of them. Give them the task, timelines and expectations. If you ask someone to do a job make sure they are clear about what you want. If not, you may be surprised with the results and not in a good way. The other person may also be frustrated that their efforts have been in vain and feel discouraged.

So where am I going with this.

You may have a vision but if you can’t articulate that vision clearly so that people understand it, then you will struggle to get people to support it, buy into it and execute it for you. Write your vision down so you and others can understand it. You might not have all the elements at the start but the essence of the vision should be clear. Vague is not good.

The Lord told Habakkuk the prophet the same:

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.
Habakkuk 2:2

11 responses to “It’s all in the details”

  1. excellent

    ambiguity is something i’ve frequently seen used to gain control – confusion reigns and people get hurt, because people don’t actually have all the information

    and yet clarity is do much a God thing!! as you point out

    Andy B

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  2. Wow indeed! I don’t know what to say…except wow! Our God is good and magnificent in every way, making His plans clear to His children.
    I had to go re-read my own post and I was surprised at what I saw there, as crazy as that sounds. Your post precedes mine I think in the planning timeliness which I love. In fact your post is a very clear message for me to write down the steps for Devotional Treasures as I know them from Him.
    What a blessed Wednesday this is! God bless you Nicola.

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