Prayer -The Confidence of Knowing God

Morning friends. Today’s prayer post is simply to encourage us to remember who it is that we are praying to – God our Father in heaven. It sounds so obvious but this simple truth can sometimes be overlooked. Focusing our minds on God and who He is gives us great confidence and builds our faith in our prayers.

The translated word “God” of itself does not convey fully all the aspects of God’s character from the original text and the names of God revealed in the Bible help to give us a much fuller understanding of who God is. The God who is on our side.

Imagine for a moment that you needed something urgently today. Who you would ask for help. Who would come to mind. Most of us would probably think of someone we knew could give us what we needed. Someone who would have the resources to help. No good asking someone with empty hands.

We would also need to feel comfortable asking that person for help. Confident that they would want to help us, either because of our relationship with them, or because we know them to be kind and generous. It would be in their nature to help.

When we have an informed understanding of God’s character as revealed in the Bible then we can have confidence in our prayer requests.

We may have the wrong impression of God either because of lack of knowledge, misunderstanding or projecting on to God characteristics which are not His that come from our own life experiences or relationships – good and bad. That will impact our prayer life. It’s important for us to take some time reflecting on whether that could be the case so we can put it right.

Our experiences don’t define who God is -His character as revealed in Scripture does.

We discover in the Bible that God definitely has the resources and ability to help us and that He also longs to do so. We are in relationship with God because of the work of salvation and our belief in His son, Jesus Christ who has redeemed us and brought us into relationship with God. We are God’s Children and He is a loving Father who desires to help us. We do need to understand what is pleasing to God. That way we know that our prayers are in line with God’s will – His purposes and plans.

So let us start our prayers with being determinedly God focused as we consider the different characteristics of God revealed by his names.

Jesus taught his followers that their prayers should start by being focused on who and where God is and acknowledging His glory- He is “Our FATHER – in heaven- and Hallowed be HIS NAME

Hallowed means to revere, worship, lift up and exalt HIS HOLY NAME. If Jesus said it then for me that is the best example to start my prayers. Giving praise to God by:

1 PROCLAIMING the truth of who God is;

2 ACKNOWLEDGING who God is to us in every aspect of our lives; and

3 CONTEMPLATING an aspect of God more deeply.

As we do, we cannot help but be stirred up in our faith. Our words become statements of faith reinforcing our understanding of God’s Character, His Works, His Wonders, His Glory. We proclaim our belief in God and His promises and His Word. Our eyes and our mind’s focus is on God (not ourselves or circumstances) whose thoughts and ways are so much higher than ours and who can do exceedingly more than we could ever think or imagine.

Names themselves have great significance in the Bible and in the spiritual realm. A name denotes not only character and identity but authority and power as well.

The Hebrew word for name is “onoma” and was used to signify rank or authority, character and reputation. Understanding this will help us to appreciate what it means when we pray in Jesus’ name and the authority and power in that name.

ELOHIM” – GOD THE CREATOR – Genesis 1:1 – This is the first name attributed to God in the Bible. GOD is revealed as the creator of heaven and earth who has all authority, power, greatness, dominion and glory in the whole of the universe. Elohim is the plural form because Jesus and the Holy Spirit were there at the beginning with God when the world was created.

As we meditate on that awesome truth, then in our prayers we acknowledge and thank God that He alone is the Creator and Sustainer of all things and that He is sovereign God. We acknowledge His glory and power demonstrated in creation.

My prayer for us today and the week ahead: Father God, the bible says that in the beginning you created the heavens and the earth. By your Word light was created and broke into the darkness. Jesus your son is the light of the world. Jesus is the living Word. We acknowledge today that you were before all things. There is none like you. You alone are the God of creation. You created us and all things that live and have breath on this earth. You alone are worthy of all praise and glory. You are seated on the throne in heaven. You are Sovereign and ruler of all things. Please take your rightful place in our lives today. We thank you today that you are mindful of us and that you love us and care for us. Help us today to grow in the knowledge and understanding of who you are as we read your Word and by the revelation of the Holy Spirit at work in us. Show us where we may be in error or have any false belief or understanding about you. Lead us into the Truth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Have a blessed day my friends.

5 responses to “Prayer -The Confidence of Knowing God”

    • Yes absolutely Oneta – He is the way to the Father. I’m really looking forward to this series on prayer and people’s comments. Hope you are fully recovered. Good to see you posting xx


  1. “Focusing our minds on God and who He is gives us great confidence and builds our faith in our prayers.”

    We lraybfit many reasons. However, Who we pray to can be so easily diminished when we forget just Who He is, what He has done, what he has done for us, what we know if His character.

    Yes!! Let’s remember the Who we are praying to – because He is beyond amazing!!

    Andy B

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