547 days..God’s perfect timing

My dear friends, I want to share a reworking of this post today from last new year’s Eve 2020. It was a specific time when the Lord got my attention very clearly about timing and being prepared. God’s timing is perfect in every way. His ways are not our ways. The Lord prepares and uses each one of us for the good works He prepared for each one of us to do. What has God prepared for you and I today and each day my dear friend for His glory to be shown among the nations?

This is what I discovered last year:

I was reading back through my prayer journal and something I had written from a church prayer meeting on 3 July 2019 got my attention. I had written 547 days. That was all.

As I was curious, I decided to find out when 547 days was and so did a google search. I searched backwards.

The result blew me away. It was the exact same date of the prayer meeting 3/7/2019 when I made that note.

So what was the Lord saying on that night in 2019 and why was He on this New Year’s Eve 2020 pointing towards it now.

On that night of 3 July 2019 there was a call to preparation.

God said that He was calling the lost and were we ready to receive them.

I believe God is asking us the same question today. Are we ready to receive the lost?

When there is an incredible revival of people coming to Jesus Christ then we as believers need to be equipped and ready to teach, shepherd, disciple and restore the lost.

There will be a great need to establish sound doctrine and teaching on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of our faith and teaching the whole gospel. Sound biblical teaching.

To see people baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit.

To see people set free and healed from the effects of their pasts and discover true freedom in Christ Jesus.

In 2008, I had a vision of a small cloud and God reminded me of the bible story of Elijah at Mount Carmel after the defeat of the false prophets of Baal. After the fire, Elijah prayed for rain and sent his servant back to check for any signs of rain coming as he had already heard the sound of rain in the spirit.

On the 7th time of looking the cloud was seen and Elijah knew the rain was on its way so he hitched up his garments and ran. He ran so fast that he overtook the kings chariot. There was a deluge of rain.

I believe God is encouraging us to look and listen and discern what is coming and understand what He is doing in these days so that we are not unprepared but are like the virgins with our oil ready and more in reserve.

I pray that all God’s people and those called as Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers appointed for these days will rise up for the days ahead to prepare the body of Christ for maturity and to be ready and prepared for all that God is calling us to do in these days.

That each one of us believers will be rooted in Christ, will grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and will discover the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit has given each of us. That we will be bold in our witness for Jesus and our faith and the reason for our hope. That our family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues will know that we are followers of Christ and where to come in times of need. When people need answers or have needs which only God can provide.

Bless you all in Jesus name.

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