The Cloud of His Glory

My dear friends. I am writing this word as I received it from the Lord. Please read, pray and test as we are instructed to do in the Lord.

I believe this word is to encourage us who are saved into God’s family through the precious blood of His son, Jesus Christ. The Lamb from whom His blood flowed and ransomed all peoples from every nation, every tribe, every creed & every people group.

There is not one person who is not able to avail themselves of the precious blood of Jesus which at his death dripped onto this earth and broke the curse of sin and death forever. Thanks be to God for His abundant grace and mercy and the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The emphasis below on certain words in capitals is mine.

This is what I heard:

The trumpets of God are blowing around HIS THRONE. The King arises and SHAKES out of His robes. He RAISES His hand for silence and there is silence in Heaven.

No-one speaks. None make a noise. Pure silence whilst all contemplate the SON. Whilst all contemplate that which has been ACCOMPLISHED.

Heaven takes stock. Heaven remembers. Heaven thinks about all that has happened from even before the creation of the world. From the time before the creation of men and all creatures.

For the Lord has SHAKEN out His robes.

All Heaven waits for His commands.

God SITS again.

He motions for the trumpets and then great throngs of people, angels and all created beings sing a mighty HALLELUJAH!!! All praise, glory and honour to the Lamb who was slain and who now reigns forever and ever. All things are now under His feet.

The Father MOTIONS to the Son.

My Son the time is now come for the full hour of your GLORY to come. For man to see the KING OF KINGS and LORD of LORDS in all His GLORY. The GLORY of the Lord is going to be revealed to the sons of earth.

The GLORY is coming.

Get READY for the GLORY of the Lord is rising up on all HIS SONS AND DAUGHTERS. The GLORY of the Lord will be shown from the East to the West. No corner or hidden, far flung part will not see HIS GLORY.

The GLORY of the Lord will be like a CLOUD that appears and you know it will rain. You will see the CLOUD OF HIS GLORY. When you see the CLOUD you know the GLORY is on the way.

The GLORY IS COMING and none can stop it.


It is coming to YOU – right where you are.

You will experience THE GLORY OF HEAVEN as it comes to you right where you are. You do not need to chase the GLORY. The GLORY will find you.

He is looking for you, His child. The GLORY will find you.

Do not be anxious or afraid for the GLORY IS COMING.




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