Thermometer or Thermostat?

When we were away at our church weekend we were reminded that as Christians we can choose to be thermometers or thermostats.

So we know a thermometer takes the temperature but it can’t alter the temperature. It just tells it as it is. There are plenty of us that can have an opinion on situations and dare I say point out what we think is wrong but we don’t do anything to bring about change or influence things for good.

On the other hand a thermostat actually changes the temperature. It can influence the temperature. If we want to change situations or circumstances and bring Godly influence then let’s be thermostats and not thermometers. We are filled with the Holy Spirit. We are God-Carriers. Let’s be the instruments of God’s righteousness and love. Let’s pray for change and bring God’s kingdom down to earth.

My dear friend Mary brought a word on being an atmosphere changer which I published on this blog some time ago. In light of the recent reminder about being a thermostat, I am including it again. Please have a read of An atmosphere changer…

Have a blessed day my friends.

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