I will leave a light on

Last night my two daughters went into the City to meet friends and go out. It was going to be a late night so they were either going to stay out at friends or get the night bus home. As was usual my husband had left the outside light on for them coming home in the dark.

However, last night as I went to bed I turned the light off. My husband was surprised and asked why I wasn’t leaving the light on. I replied that the girls had said that they were probably going to stay out with friends or get back early in the morning so there was no point leaving the light on.

Well this morning the Lord spoke these words to my heart – “I will leave a light on“. They are the title of a song which my youngest daughter plays a lot.

Jesus reminded me that we (His followers) are the light of the world.

We carry the light of Christ.

Jesus left a light on when He went back to His Father God in Heaven – He left us.

Jesus hasn’t switched that light off yet.

I will leave a light on.

We show others the way to Jesus by declaring our faith in Him and living out that faith in loving service.

We shine in the darkness and point the way home to God through faith in Jesus the Son.

One day though the reality is that my earthly light will be switched off. I won’t be here anymore to shine the light for others.

I need to shine whilst I can. Whilst I still have the time.

I hope I can leave a legacy of light behind me too.

You may be the only light in your family, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbourhood, your community – the place where the Lord has put you.

Your light is really important so be encouraged and “let your light shine before men so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

I really think there is someone who needs to hear this today. Don’t give up but let your light shine – It will lead someone home to God.

Leave a light on and it will lead that person home – they may be in a dark place at moment, have wandered far from truth, be in a very very dark place but the Lord is saying:

“I will leave a light on” – that light is you. Don’t let it go out and it will lead them home.

8 thoughts on “I will leave a light on

  1. Excellent post sister. The older I get and my time to go Home gets closer I am overwhelmed with a greater urgency to keep shining for my Lord and Saviour. I feel a need not just to shine but to shine brighter with each passing day, our time here is short. Thank you Nicola, may you know the blessing of His closeness this weekend.

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  2. Sometimes it feels like our little lights are a bit pointless ie what is the point? (Not having a moan here! You’ve just go me thinking)

    But perhaps, like any bright light, we can lose our ability to see the dark, because of that light, and we can, therefore, lose the ability to see just how much of a difference our lights can make in a dark world.

    With BerryBunch we film with a green screen, which requires an awful lot of light to make it work effectively.

    But for our light party themed filming – recently – we turned off our studio lights and used a couple of torches for our faces, and put some LED lights on the miii desk we have between us

    That tiny lighting worked wonders, and provided a perspective for those who will (we pray!) watch any of it, and something that helped the camera have any chance on being in focus.

    Thought I’d share my thought on your brilliant post ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Absolutely itโ€™s so encouraging what you say as a little bit of light makes such a difference. We forget sometimes that truth. I sometimes feel my light is really low rather than bright but itโ€™s still shining x praise God. Love your insight. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. I cannot thank you enough for sharing those word, “Leave a light on and it will lead that person home โ€“ they may be in a dark place at moment, have wandered far from truth, be in a very very dark place but the Lord is saying: โ€œI will leave a light onโ€ โ€“ that light is you. Donโ€™t let it go out and it will lead them home.” I very much needed to hear them!

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