Slow Suffolk

Slowly……Slowly….isn’t it good to sometimes take things slow and appreciate the journey not just rush to get to the destination. We can be so focussed on arriving that we sometimes miss the sights on the way. Getting somewhere as quickly as possible is often our goal but I’ve learnt this week in the beautiful county of Suffolk to appreciate a slower pace of life.

There are no motorways in this County of Suffolk and no Cities. It’s “B” Road heaven with lots of small country lanes and enforced taking it slow. No motorways racing through the countryside here.

Whatever journey God is taking us on at the moment, at whatever speed, whether slow but steady or times of acceleration and speed, through the valleys or on the mountains, let’s not forget to “see” what God is showing us on the way.

I have really enjoyed this beautiful County this week and want to share just some of the lovely sights I’ve seen and hope they bless you too.

Anyone remember these old road signs..not sure why there’s a torch?.
The river building alongside the ford dates from 1400s. The village itself is mentioned in the Domesday book. Church dates back to 1186
Yachts racing on the estuary
Martello tower built in napoleonic times to defend the coast
Fishing huts at Southwold
Queues for the fresh fish
Pretty thatched cottage
And a church with a partly thatched roof, St Botolphs..that’s something I’d never seen before
Full of Grace..what an epitaph.

5 responses to “Slow Suffolk”

  1. Suffolk looks like my sort of place, nice and slow. How much we need such havens of rest from this frantic world, so that we can hear His still small voice calling and guiding us.
    Thank you for sharing this today sister, may our Father God bless you richly Nicola.

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