Declaring the Gates of the Nation Open

Declaring the Gates of the Nation Open
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As our Prime Minister Boris Johnson heads to Brussels today I am reminded of this prayer and ask that God’s hand is over the talks today and His will for our nation and Europe is achieved. Let us ask God today for His grace and goodness to cover these talks and that His divine purposes for the nations are fulfilled in His perfect timing. The stumbling blocks to be removed and all lies, deception and schemes of the evil one to be demolished and brought to no effect. That all spirits of pride and rebellion to be cast down before the Lord. Amen

One response to “Declaring the Gates of the Nation Open”

  1. It is right we should pray for governments, especially when they appear to be self serving and deceitful. Our Holy God can use even the wicked to advance His plans, Hallelujah! I pray that the crisis in our country this year and the months ahead will awaken our nation to Almighty God, sparking the fire of revival.

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