An update on the National Day of Prayer – Wembley 31st August

Call the Nation to Prayer

Image result for wembley prayer 31 augustIan and Pauline Cole and Steve Botham of World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, were at the Day of Prayer for Britain on Saturday.  Here’s an update from Steve.

The Day of Prayer for the Nation at Wembley on August 31st was a releasing day. There was a wonderful spirit of worship and expectation as a glorious diversity of leaders from across the country, the denominations, the nations, and generations, led prayer. Five key themes emerged as we move into a new phase in our nation:

  1. Unity – we will all have different views on Brexit and many other issues but we are God’s chosen people if we have given our lives to Jesus. We are family where love, honour and togetherness bind us.
  2. Humility – we are like the fishermen who said Lord we have toiled all night and taken nothing but at your word, we will let down the nets. We are…

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