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  • Gates- The Horse Gate

    The next gate in this series of posts about the gates which Nehemiah rebuilt is the Horse Gate. This gate speaks of battles and as Christians we must not forget that we are in a spiritual battle.  There will be battles. We have an enemy, Satan, who doesn’t want us to follow Christ or mature spiritually and […]

  • Gates-The Fountain and Water Gates

    Gates-The Fountain and Water Gates

    Two gates today which I have mentioned together as they are both water related. The Fountain Gate and the Water Gate. These gates have been very much in my thoughts and prayers the last week or so. At church we have been considering wells. We are all wells for Jesus. Sometimes our wells can become […]

  • God’s Voice is Powerful

    There are lots of voices clamouring to be heard. Trying to influence us. Lots of voices with differing opinions. Lots of voices which tell us untruths, particularly in the media, but the Bible tells us that God’s voice is powerful, full of majesty and can shake the wilderness and strip the forest bare -Psalm 29.    The voice […]

  • Simple Instructions

    Did you collect stickers as a child? These are two stickers I put in a bible given to me in 1976 by Glenrothes Baptist Church when I was a young girl. I’ll stress the young 😊 Two simple instructions: 1. Follow Jesus 2. Read the book of God If you asked me for advice today […]

  • Fit and ready for spiritual battle?

    I hope this post is a help and perhaps a timely reminder for us all to be aware of some of Satan’s strategies against us as Christians. We tend as believers to have differing attitudes to the spiritual realm. At one end of the spectrum, some Christians are unaware that satan is working against them […]

  • False Manifestations…Watchmen Arise

    You will hear a rumour or a word that “The Lord is there ” – Jehovah Shammah”  but the Lord says do not be fooled. This morning the Lord impressed this word to me: The Lord says that in the past many have run after the manifestations of the Holy Spirit because of a deep […]

  • Prayer – Prayerful Confession part 2

    In part 1 we focussed on how meditating and confessing the names of God and discovering the character of God (which is revealed through His names) can help us in our times of prayer.    Other things to help us in prayer are: 1. ATTITUDE; – The word “confess” comes from the Hebrew word “Yadah” meaning “an open or extended hand” – […]

  • God’s Word-The Plumbline

    There have been many words recently about deception and being guarded against deception. Jesus himself warns us against being deceived particularly in the time before He returns. We can easily get carried away as “charismatic” believers particularly when we belong to a Spirit filled church and it is so important that the Spirit and the […]