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  • A Financial Storm

    A Financial Storm

    We are living in a time when people are worried and anxious about rising inflation, energy costs and the economy, not just in the U.K, but in other nations. The Lord has brought to my remembrance this morning a post from November 2020 and so I am re-posting today for weighing, testing and prayer. Our…

  • Joseph – Hero of the Faith (2)

    Yesterday’s post included a short summary of Joseph’s story and today we consider God’s Plan in Joseph’s story. God knew that in Joseph’s lifetime there was going to be a severe famine. A famine that would last 7 long years and which would lead to starvation for many people if steps were not taken to…

  • True Joy

    I am reminded today of this post about experiencing true joy in the really difficult times of life that we go through. If you are going through such a time then please read this post Joy in the hard times and I pray it will encourage and bring fresh hope to you today.

  • A Financial Storm

    At the beginning of November I had a picture whilst praying to the Lord. I was seated with the Lord in a quiet place when suddenly a great wind blew up which started howling all around us and the walls and the ground started shaking. I was terrified as the wind was so strong and…