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  • Joseph Hero of the Faith (3)

    This week we are looking at the story of Joseph and from the comments, Joseph is one of our favourite bible characters. His story inspires many of us on so many levels and gives us hope. Today the question is- Why did God choose Joseph to fulfil His plans out of all the sons of […]

  • Stir(red) hearts

    Do you experience times when you read something in the bible and it’s like “wow, I never thought much about that before”. I had one of those moments today. I was reading in the Old Testament about the time the Jewish Exiles were allowed to return to Jerusalem and their homes after spending 70 years […]

  • Feed My lambs, Feed My Sheep

    These were the instructions which Jesus gave to his disciple Simon Peter, when he met him again in Galilee after His death and resurrection. This was the same Simon Peter who had denied knowing Jesus in his time of trial. Jesus had told Peter that he would deny Him but Peter had protested that he […]