Tag: Righteousness

  • Cast off the grave clothes

    When Jesus rose from the dead, He left his grave clothes in the tomb. I want to say that again- He left his grave clothes in the tomb. Why. Jesus didn’t need them anymore. They were obsolete garments. Jesus was clothed in new garments and glory and resurrection power. As a believer in Jesus Christ […]

  • Each of us an “Emmanuel” too!

    Each of us an “Emmanuel” too! http://lordmychef.com/2021/12/17/each-of-us-an-emmanuel-too/ — Read on lordmychef.com/2021/12/17/each-of-us-an-emmanuel-too/ This is a beautiful post by our dear brother in Christ which I was blessed to read today. I hope you find it a blessing too in thinking about Joseph’s character and behaviour from Jesus’ story as an example to us.

  • Walking on Sunshine ☀️

    Do you know or remember this song called “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves? It’s one of those songs that makes me smile every time I hear it. There’s a particular lyric which says “I’m walking on sunshine yeah and don’t it feel great”. These lyrics remind me what our new life in […]

  • A warning-Avoid the spirit of rebellion

    As I was praying recently, I wrote the following word which the Lord Jesus laid on my heart. Please pray, weigh and test this word. A day of calamity is arising. It will come from the South. The Queen of the South has left a legacy that still has roots in the people. It will […]

  • A day of Removal and Replacement

    I had this word a few weeks ago from the Lord but felt that the Lord wanted me to keep it and release it today. I believe this is what I heard the Lord say to me: “I have been watching from My throne. I have been testing and weighing to see who is putting […]

  • The Cross of Jesus and Me

    So here we are, Good Friday. A day when I can pause and reflect on Jesus’ death and what it means to me. We all have an opportunity today to ask ourselves…What does the Cross mean to me? The Cross is a personal experience. I have to come to the Cross for myself. I have […]

  • God will not be mocked

    I heard these words in my spirit so clearly this morning and the Lord reminded me of the word I received last year about watching the nations to see who they would align themselves with. I have copied that word below again for prayer consideration. At the time the Lord reminded me that the decisions […]

  • A Season of Alignment

    Morning, I hope you are well. I believe that God is calling us into a season of alignment with Him. God wants us to be aligned with His plans, His purposes, His teachings, His leading and His Spirit. I am reminded of a similar word to this in October 2020 on a course correction which […]

  • His Righteousness alone

    Colossians 2 v 6 “As you have received Christ Jesus, so walk in Him” My friend Caroline sent me these encouraging words to share with you today. She said; This verse of scripture stood out to me the other day, as I began meditating on it and studying it some thoughts began to crystallise. I […]

  • Christians Awake- Time to rise & shine

    I mentioned in my last post that whilst myself and two friends were praising God & praying recently at the Waseley Hills – the “high hills”- the Lord gave us 3 separate words.  I have set them out in the order they were given to us.  The first was a tongue & interpretation: “For the […]