Stourbridge – Wells of Living Water Part 1

In July 2003 we were led as a group to pray for Stourbridge and the churches in Stourbridge.    We prayed for wells of living water to spring up and we had a picture of people coming from far and wide to Stourbridge.  Stourbridge was like a beacon of light drawing people to Christ.   We prayed for schools, churches, businesses, people in leadership.    We saw a picture of people falling to their knees as they walked down Stourbridge High Street convicted of sin and coming to Christ.   They were encountering the power of the living God in the street.Prayers for Stourbridge

Prayers for Stourbridge

I am going to share in a series of posts some of the prayers and words for Stourbridge which we have prayed over the years.   We believe that Stourbridge is a key place in the Black Country and that there is to be a move of God’s Spirit in Stourbridge which will bring many people to salvation in Christ accompanied by signs of healing and other miracles.