Prayer is Powerful

As we see events unfolding in Ukraine and Russia, let us stir up our faith on behalf of our brothers and sisters and remind ourselves that we serve God the Almighty, whose arm is not too short to save. He is the God of the impossible. The Lord of Hosts. He is the God of miracles. He is our peace.

Let us present our petitions to Him and cry out for those who are suffering and in need at this time.

To encourage us in our prayers, build and stir faith, I have some recent prayer posts on God Almighty, Angelic Hosts, God is the Most High, God our Great Provider, God will show Himself strong for you.

Have a blessed day.

Power of Prayer

As a Christian, I have heard quite a number of sermons and teachings over the years about finding our purpose in God. This can cause some confusion or worry for believers especially if they think they haven’t yet found their purpose. If that is how you feel today then can I encourage you to remember and refocus on our primary purpose which is to glorify God.

That is what I have been taught over the years. That man’s purpose is to glorify God. It is my understanding that there is no greater way to honour and glorify God than in believing on His son, Jesus Christ who was sent by the Father to save us from our sins, taking up our cross daily and following Jesus. Living our lives each day as Jesus showed us.

A key part of glorifying God is in and through our prayer lives. If I want to glorify God then I must humble myself and pray. God on the throne in my life. Prayer reminds me daily that God is on the throne. God who is mighty and powerful loves us and cares for us. God leads us and guides us as we pray. Prayer is so beneficial. I have not found or ever heard a good reason not to pray.

Prayer is so powerful and it brings about change as God hears and answers. We align ourselves with God’s purposes and plans. His Kingdom reigns in us. Jesus taught his followers how to pray. Yet my experience is that we can easily forget and neglect to prioritise prayer in our lives. It can be so easy when we are busy to sacrifice our prayer lives to other things when the first priority should be prayer and reading God’s Word.

I have been so challenged about my prayer life since reading dear brother Alan’s post on Prayer Warriors Needed. So I had to do something in response to that challenge. I have had a good look at my prayer life and found it is lacking in terms of the time and energy I give to prayer. I could make excuses but I won’t. You may wonder what I mean, as if you follow and read my blogs, you will know that I do pray, seek God and hear from him. I am blessed with spiritual gifts but I know in my heart and I discern the conviction of the Holy Spirit to really consider more deeply my prayer life and to prioritise it. I accept that my prayer life has not been glorifying to God. There is so much more. Forgive me Lord.

I was also reminded of a series of teachings I did many years ago on prayer, which I am encouraged to re-work as bite sized blog posts to encourage us and help others to pray. I hope these coming posts will help other believers to understand more about prayer and develop a lifestyle of prayer. Passionate Prayerful People.

Before we realise it sometimes, we can get caught up with teachings or books promoting the latest “best thing” or “new thing” in Christian living especially if there is a hunger for God and the power of the Holy Spirit to move in and through us for His glory and the salvation of souls.

I am not criticising those things (unless of course they are false teachings which then please clearly avoid) but firstly, can I recommend that we take stock of where we are. Have a self examination. Let us ask ourselves. How is my prayer life? If like me you have found it is not what it once was or you haven’t yet developed a prayer life then focus on change in that area. Prioritise developing a healthy and powerful life of prayer which will revolutionise not only your life but I believe also the lives of those around you. Let’s become Passionate Powerful Prayers.

Bless you my friends.

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Pam’s story

So yesterday I posted about my belief in a God that heals in God’s Healing Power and promised to share my Mum, Pam’s testimony of her recovery from Meningitis.

My mum married my Dad, Bill when she was young. He was a reservist in the army and was posted to Somerset in England for his basic training. Dad was Scottish and a long way from home. He decided to visit the local Pentecostal church which my Mum attended. It was love at first sight according to Mum and I don’t think she wanted to let him out of her sight from that time onwards. They married but then my Dad was posted overseas because of the Suez crisis. Mum stayed behind with my brother, Ian who was just a young baby.

Mum was still young herself, only 18 years old, a young mother when she was taken ill suddenly with Meningitis. She had been out for the day on a Church outing. On the way home on the coach she got a bad headache which she put down to tiredness . It got worse and worse though and eventually she became so ill that they took her to the hospital.

She was diagnosed with suspected Meningitis and put into the isolation hospital. All she can really remember of that time is having the lumber-punctures to drain the fluid from her spine which she said were terribly painful. She dreaded them. The Doctors told her family that it was not looking good and that my Dad needed to be sent for immediately from abroad as she was not likely to pull through.

My grandad contacted the army and Dad was brought home as quickly as they could from Cyprus. It still took him some time to get home though. It was the 1950s so communication wasn’t easy. Even travel on army planes took some time. The army wouldn’t tell him either what was wrong with his wife and he was naturally extremely worried and expecting the worst. Dad kept the newspaper cuttings from the time which we still have. They are a bit brown but you can still read them.

My mum’s parents were not churchgoers but her Aunt Mabel was and it was my Aunt who had taken my mum to church. Mum had become a Christian and been baptised. The church committed to praying for mum and they decided to have an all-night prayer vigil for her when they heard the news that she was not expected to survive the night. They sent prayer cloths in for her to the hospital and were faithful in praying for her recovery and healing. She made it through the night and the worst was over. There was a breakthrough. There is power in prayer and in corporate prayer when believers come together.

From that time on, Mum started to get better and better and the Doctors were amazed at her recovery. They told her though that in their opinion she would still not be able to walk again. Mum was convinced though that she had been healed and was determined to show the Doctors that she would walk. She recovered her strength and was soon up and about. The Doctors were so pleased that she was able to walk that they agreed that she could leave the hospital and continue her recovery at home. Mum is convinced that God healed her in answer to prayer. Without prayer she is sure that she would not have survived that night. I’m grateful for those faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who committed to pray through the night for her. I’m especially grateful that God answered prayer and she made it because otherwise I wouldn’t be here today. Thank the Lord for His mercies. If you need God to move in your situation then I hope this encourages you to pray to God and trust and believe that He will hear and answer your prayers.

She’s doing well for 82 😀

The encouraging thing is that because Mum had experienced God’s healing touch, she had faith in God to heal. She always encouraged us to pray in all situations. I remember one occasion when Mum had broken her ankle. She had been playing on my daughters scooter (she’d forgotten her age) and fallen. She was in plaster but still insisted on going to church. That night there was a visiting preacher, Martin Scott who had a prophetic ministry. He picked Mum out of the crowd and said that he could tell she was a woman of strong faith. He believed God was going to heal her ankle. It was incredible because Mum felt a heat in her leg and her ankle soon recovered.

It’s good to share testimonies of God’s grace to us and the good things He does. God is with us in all times of life, the good but also the trials and times of difficulty. As a family we have also had those times too. I’ll share more about those times and how God has sustained us in times of sickness and tragedy in other posts. Have a blessed day.