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  • Launch Out Again

    Launch Out Again

    Morning friends, I want to share this encouragement again from Luke 5 because I believe there are people who may need to hear this today. Bless you. Some people may feel like they have been toiling hard for the Kingdom of God in their ministry, especially in wanting to see people come to know Jesus, […]

  • Transmogration !

    Transmogration !

    On New Year’s Eve, I posted about transformation in us through faith in Jesus. It made me think of this post from 2021 on Transmogration! which I think is timely for the year ahead as I sense the stirring of the Holy Spirit on the subject of Transformation. If you are intrigued by Transmogration then […]

  • #Testimony Tuesday ..throwing shoes

    “Moab is My washpot; Over Edom I will cast My shoe; Philistia, shout in triumph because of Me.”Psalm 60:8 I read this Psalm today and it reminded me of a time many years ago when the Holy Spirit prompted me to cast (throw) my shoes over a large wire fence onto some waste ground. I’m […]

  • Is Your Word Your Bond?

    This is an excellent post by Alan Kearns which blessed me and I am sure will bless you too. It is full of Godly wisdom and reminded me how important this subject is. I encourage you to prayerfully consider and ask the Lord to speak to your heart through this post. To reveal if there […]

  • Testimony Tuesday..God’s perfect timing

    Morning all, my testimony today is slightly different. It’s about a time in my life when the Lord taught me a lesson about obedience and timing. His perfect timing. Not my timing. I have a tendency either to jump straight in to something with both feet or go to the other extreme and procrastinate to […]

  • Then…

    Then is such a little word but it is can be so powerful. It’s a word which speaks of change. There is a before and THEN something happens which changes the story. In Genesis, we read the story of Noah. The flood has come upon the earth and Noah, his family and the animals are […]

  • Stir(red) hearts

    Do you experience times when you read something in the bible and it’s like “wow, I never thought much about that before”. I had one of those moments today. I was reading in the Old Testament about the time the Jewish Exiles were allowed to return to Jerusalem and their homes after spending 70 years […]